5 Face Masks You Can Make At Home To Fix Your Gross Winter Skin

Is your skin tired and sad? Did winter leave its mark worse than that guy who gave you hickeys in high school? Are zits making their presence known among the debris field that is your facewhich includes dry skin land mines and crater-esque dark spots? We feel you. Winter is a time not only for acquiring a boyfriend and gaining four pounds, but also for dull, dry skin that screams “I’ve been inside for five months straight.” But like, it’s summer now and you will soon be required to leave your house and show your face both in public and on Instagram. To combat all the damage winter did to your attractiveness level, we recommend making yourself (and TREATING YO’SELF) to an at-home facial. Going to an actual spa requires driving, a bra, and making your hair look normalnone of which seem to fit with this whole “pamper yourself” thing, so here’s our guid to spa-level skin treatments that you can do while binge watching Netflix in your pajamas. 

1. For Brightness:

Mix together the juice from one fresh lemon and cup sweet almond oil. Pat on to your face, wait about 15 minutes, then rinse off. The Vitamin C will brighten your skin and the almond oil will sooth all the dryness winter left behind. 

2. For Dry, Pimply Skin:

Mash together 2 tbsps of all natural raw honey, one banana, and cup plain Greek yogurt. Yummy. Smear over your face and let sit for 20 minutes before washing off. This shitll have your skin smoother, softer, and less sad.

3. For Peely Skin:

Feelin parched? Mix together an avocado, 2 tbsps raw honey, and tsp coconut oil. Smooth over face and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. The avocado and coconut get skin some much-needed moisture while the honey actually acts as an antiseptic and soother.

4. For When Youre Tired Or Puffy:

Caffeine is ALWAYS our friend, and it turns out smearing coffee all over your face isnt so crazy after all. Mix together 2 tbsps ground coffee, 2 tbsps cocoa powder, 1 tbsp of honey, and 3 tbsps whole fat plain Greek yogurt. Spread over your face, let sit for 15 minutes, then wash off.

5. For When You Want Both A Smoothie And A Facial:

Yeah we hear you with that whole double duty thing. Mix together cups mashed strawberries, 2 tbsps freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 tbsp yogurt, and 2 tbsps honey. Pat onto face and let sit for 10 minutes. Wipe off and rinse. Use leftovers with almond milk and boom, breakfast.

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6 Common Myths About Healthy Eating You Probably Believe

The official food of the Western world is two burgers stuffed inside a third, larger burger. We could all stand to eat a little bit healthier, so it’s a good thing there’s an entire thriving health food industry to help us do so. Less thankfully, the primary ingredient in most of these superfoods is 100 percent organic, free-range horseshit.


Nutrition Labels Don’t Mean Anything

Since 1990, the FDA mandates that all packaged food in the U.S. must feature nutrition labels. We still eat like crap, but at least we know where, or what, that crap comes from. Well, we think we do, at any rate. See, the FDA knows that no two cookies are exactly the same. That means the nutrient content can slightly vary even between two packages of the same product. So naturally, they allow nutrition labels a small margin of error to account for these differences. These “small” margins? They can be up to 20 percent.

“Fat: 0g +/- 20%?”

Although this doesn’t automatically mean everything you eat has 20 percent more calories than it says on the packaging, we have an inkling which side most companies err on. If these lax standards bother you, perhaps you’ll be comforted by the fact that it doesn’t matter. There’s no process in place for regularly auditing food nutrition labels, so it could all easily be lies.

Yes, using the honor system to police an industry that has repeatedly shown a serious deficit on the honesty front has gone roughly as well as you’d assume. In 2008, the Government Accountability Office researched how often manufacturers’ vitamin and mineral claims fell within the FDA’s 20 percent rule. Of the 300 products tested, 47 percent were outside of the accepted range for vitamin A, 31 percent were outside of the accepted range for iron, and 12 percent were outside of the accepted range for vitamin C. The FDA allowed five different methods to determine a food product’s calories, all of which yielded wildly different results. If you ran one of the shadier health food companies and were about to launch a new product, wouldn’t you use whichever method looked best on paper, regardless of accuracy? Of course not, because you have integrity. Which is why you don’t run a shady health food company.

“So after we started writing ‘Contains 1 Billion % Daily Vitamins A-Z’ on everything,
that’s when we really started seeing returns.”


There’s Nothing Wrong With Egg Yolks

Eggs are great, but be sure to only eat the whites, because that ugly yellow blob in the middle is teeming with cholesterol. And you don’t want high cholesterol, do you? After all, you are what you eat (in your case, mostly bacon grease and your own words).

“Fuck it. ‘Oink, oink.'”

Ah, but the most recent evidence indicates that although egg yolk does contain most of an egg’s cholesterol, foods high in dietary cholesterol have little to no effect on your blood cholesterol. This means that egg yolks do not actually increase your risk of heart disease. The yolks are in fact the healthiest part of the egg. They have more of the good stuff — phosphorus, calcium, zinc, folate, and B12 vitamins — along with things that the white doesn’t have at all, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. Of course, this isn’t to say the white is bad. It’s just a little bland and a lot overrated. It’s the Top 40 of the egg world.


High-Fat Dairy Products Are Fine

Back in the 1970s, when studies first started to suggest that high-fat foods led to obesity, sales of whole milk plummeted. Skim milk was the new hot ticket, and has seen its sales rise a whopping 156 percent between 1975 and 2014. Whole milk was even outright banned from American school lunch programs.

But it turns out real milk has curves. There’s an increasing amount of evidence showing that high-fat dairy may lower your risk of obesity and diabetes (aka Americancer). Science isn’t sure what gives whole fat dairy its protective qualities. One theory is that it acts to suppress our hunger (so you don’t feel the need for those extra Oreos). Another is that the fats in the dairy interact directly with our cells, massaging our livers and muscles into breaking down sugar from food more efficiently. Anyway, here’s hoping that one day Science finds out that bacon protects you from cancer.


Coconut Oil Isn’t Good For You

Not only can coconut oil replace evil cooking fats like butter and olive oil, but you can also use it as coffee creamer, cram it in fruit juice to make a sports drink, or huck it in a smoothie to add vital nutrients. Why, some health professionals claim it can cure relatively benign ailments like urinary tract infections, kidney infections, and arthritis, while others say it combats Alzheimer’s, colon cancer, and even HIV.

This, of course, is bullshit.

Coconut oil is 90 percent saturated fat, which is a way higher percentage than other conventional cooking fats like butter and lard (which have “only” about 64 percent and 40 percent saturated fat, respectfully). Coconut oil also has a different chemical structure from other fats, which means the body may absorb it differently. Some studies say it raises “good” cholesterol, which is good, but at the same time it also raises “bad” cholesterol, which is … bad. Long story short: If you’re lactose intolerant or stuck on a desert island, go ahead and use coconut oil like a dairy product — but don’t think it’s going to save your life. Unless you use it to power a radio and call for rescue … but no, that only works on TV. Probably.


“Immune Boosters” Do Nothing

The idea behind immune boosters is that the right combination of vitamins and minerals can prevent you from getting sick, sort of like a magic potion. But the only thing they’re boosting is the money out of your wallet. We do have a pretty great system of medications to prevent you from getting sick. They’re called vaccines, and despite what half the internet thinks, they definitely work. If hot lemon water with wheatgrass juice truly helped, pharmaceutical companies would own a patent on it and you’d need a doctor’s permission to boil your lawn.

That doesn’t stop Jamba Juice from selling an addition to their smoothies called a Probiotic Boost, which somehow makes your 430-calorie smoothie with 77 grams of sugar healthy. Now, there is some evidence that a deficiency of zinc, Vitamin C, and other micro-nutrients may alter an immune system’s response, but it’s as minuscule as it is unproven.

At least Jamba Juice is delicious, unlike Airborne. That “medication’s” popularity soared about a decade ago, when a second-grade teacher cured all the world’s ills and created a product that prevented people from ever getting sick again. Of course, all she really created was a subpar fizzy soda, and the company was faced with a $23.3 million class-action lawsuit for false advertising. And yet that doesn’t prevent Airborne from still advertising their products as immune boosters, because their legal fees are smaller than their profit margins.


Kombucha Isn’t Healthy; It’s Nothing But A Mild (Gross) Buzz

Kombucha is the beverage they serve in Hell’s cafeteria. It’s a fermented tea that tastes like ass, but supposedly cures cancer and give you superpowers. Unsurprisingly, it does none of these things except for the ass part. It also has the potential added bonus of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, severely low blood pressure, and death.

So why does it make you feel good after drinking it? One theory: The University of Maine collected samples from several brands of kombucha, and found that they had between 0.5-2.5 percent alcohol by volume. Lower than beer, but sold to minors, and juuuust enough for a little pick-me-up after yoga class. You want to chase that feeling, chug a Pabst. Nobody’s saying it tastes great, but it’s better than withered-ballsack tea.

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The Importance Of Being Orgy

After a trip to visit my brother (named Mardi Gras) in New Orleans I found it best to go visit the free STD testing center run by the AHF here in Los Angeles. Every time I go there I run the full gamut of tests, partially because it just feels good to get a digital report card where everything negative is actually a good thing – chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, oral, anal, everything – and its completely free, no co-pays, no-nothing.

When one is recently covered in a rainbow of beads, shirtless, with countless tongues and spicy shrimp in ones mouth and youre shoving your dick in more hiding places than even crawfish know, sometimes its best to take a moment and pause. It also didnt help my state of mind that I had a pimple on my dick shaft immediately following that blurry weekend in NOLA, which was almost healed, but still. I cant say I often get dick acne, Dacne? Dickne? Dimples?

I should also mention that lately I havent quite found my way forward – or perhaps some other direction, not yet discovered, on some other plane of existence. Sometimes I like to think of myself as a river or an ocean or some kind of body of slutty water, and I just need sunshine to turn into some kind of ethereal vapor again, to roam and grow again. Its just been one massive damn dam after another in seemingly every direction, and to every one of those dams, I say thank you. God bless you. Because youre just a sneeze.

Freelance life aint all its cracked up to be. In other words, freelancing aint free. I just got a notification for negative three hundred dollars in my bank account, which is sandwiched between two emails from the human resources representatives for jobs I didnt get – honestly, out of hundreds, over many months and many a moon, which makes one feel a bit like a loon and possibly soon like a raccoon, rummaging through trash bins, hissing…

Back to the day of the STD testing. My meditation that day on the beach, ravenously drenched in sunlight and coconut oil, was let go and let flow, which is sort-of a mix between Taoist/Buddhist/Jesus-ish philosophy, which is tough for me, because to let go always sounds like to give up, which I was taught to never do. But I thought, okay, fuck it, lets try this. Lets try trying.

STD clinics are always so somber, as if one is waiting to go get burned alive for past sins, or for simply existing. Perhaps this is the new church – discovering your STD status – and we were all waiting for confessional. Everyone is looking at their phone or sitting with their eyes closed, nervous, contemplative, ready to sing a hymn of praise or despair. Many fidget there with an aura of tamed shame. There was even one girl who just couldnt stand being inside the waiting area with all the other sinners. It was too much for her.

She kept popping her head in the door, Did they call my number? No? Okay Uhgghhgh BYE Shed slam the door again and again, disgusted, as if by the sight of everyone else reminded her that there were witnesses to her recent sluttiness. Oh yes, my dear, we know. Were all the same. Youre one of us, we the slut-saints.

I walked in and recognized a cute blue-eyed fella with the same green shorts of a cute blue-eyed fella I just saw at the gym earlier in the day, post-beach-meditation. I had previously tried to get his attention at the gym, sweatily sex-eyeing him there on the leg press, but it was clear he was making love to Candy Crush instead – the great sin of our time, sacrificing the present moment on the cross of being cross-eyed, in front of a rainbow screen of addiction.

He knew it, too, because when I walked into the waiting area of we lady-whores and we man-whores and we trans-whores we nodded and started laughing, as if to say, YUUUUP, which began what would become a three-hour long obnoxious and giggly conversation between the two of us and two other homos that we roped in too. Who said you cant giggle in church? Everyone knows those are the best kind of giggles anyway, the ones that make you feel a little guilty.

He was a Special Ed teacher, and very sensitive to the word retard. Another was a Filipino chef with a special kinship to soul food, which I could relate to, since deep down Im a morbidly obese giggly southern black lady in white face, with ample amounts of chest hair. And the other was a Latino restaurant manager who had just broken up with his long time boyfriend that week. His ex stole his TVs, but left the dog, and left him with having to pay all the rent.

What ensued was the kind of man-to-man camaraderie that most people crave on a daily basis. Brutally honest connection. Schoolboy giggles-in-church laughter. Shooting the shit and fucking with each other the way brothers and lovers do. Im normally the kind of person who hates layers of formality and secrecy; everyone walks around acting all serious all the damn time, thinking being serious will somehow keep death – or sexually transmitted infections – away. This place just amplified that feeling for me, for all of us.

We couldnt help but see the situation for what it was: were all basically here because we love to fuck and now were dealing with the consequences.

You can be all somber and earnest and ashamed about it all, or you can just let the fuck go and laugh at it all. Youre a slut and Im a slut, lets break the bread of conversation together and then get pricked with needles that suck our blood, shall we?

Thankfully all of us were negative after the HIV rapid test; it helps that all of us are on PrEP too, that once-a-day revolutionary pill that has helped a great many homosexual not get impregnated with an HIV-baby. We would find out the results of Chlamydia (Anal), Chlamydia (Oral), Chlamydia (Urine), Gonorrhea (Anal), Gonorrhea (Oral), Gonorrhea (Urine), and Syphilis in a day or so.

The next day we decided to all meet up at one the guys places, on his rooftop (named hot tub). We drank shitty champagne and awesome micro-brewed beer in the LA sunset light, shirtless and drenched in coconut oil and chlorine, as bubbles massaged our balls. Bees swarmed around us for some reason, perhaps the countrys last remaining bees, and maybe its because they noticed we were all sweet with the sweaty nectar of giggling with strangers connecting over bad music blasting from a boombox.

Later that night, we had dinner at blue-eyed-green-shorts place; he and his husband have a cute candlelit suburban bungalow with multiple cats. The Filipino cooked us a lovely meal. I brought the cheapest wine I could find. Some of their other friends joined – a perky-chested trainer and a muscled hairy Japanese fella (yes, hairy Asians exist, and theyre lovely), and we sat at a long found-wood rustic table and discussed the importance of taking care of blind people as they get old and close to dying.

The Filipino was also a nurse. One of his blind patients paints these grand floral paintings and we all oogled-and-ahhed over how amazing they were, passing around the colorful screen of a phone, how he obviously remembered the details of flowers from his brighter days, even the right colors, the nuance of sunlight hitting the leaves and petals, shimmering petals for the dying bees that care more about hot tubs full of buttfuckers these days than pollen.

And as all good dinner parties go, eventually we played strip Cards Against Humanity. Perhaps it was cards like Bukkake or Making love to a dolphin blow hole or Cutting off your best friends balls with garden shears – or maybe it was the importance of how many White Russians we lost count of slurping and burping, but all that simmered into one of us declaring, My dick is cold; you should probably warm it up.

Which vaporized into a six man all-out sex-orgy on the couch, cards left behind, glasses completely empty. They became glassy Russian spies to how our giggles and sexually-frustrated wiggles replaced the air with groans and moans and the metronome of a dance. With my new friends dick in my mouth, and my new friends mouth on my dick, I couldnt help but wonder in that moment, in a trance of engorged and merging blood and flesh and light and words:

Eventually I let go of trying to figure it out, flowing or not flowing, who the fuck knows, and simply enjoyed what we were all there to enjoy, what were always here to enjoy, the ecstasy of connection with whats right in front of us. And there we were, new waves of men crashing upon one another, a tide of something, a ride on something, and none of us thought about money or honey or whats not supposed to be funny. We werent even thinking at all.

The next day we all got texts at the same time from the AHF. One by one, all clear. One by one, a fury of negatives that actually felt positive. And it stung me, sometimes pimples are just pimples and have nothing to do with the fact that youre trying really hard to fuck your way to the top of all your problems in the dark, meditating on the secret spaces between your soul that you have yet to discover, with the claws of one more breath, one by one, transcendent, light, clean, floating somewhere between care-free and probably a little bit careless.

For more of Micah’s writing
pick up his book,
available here.

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This Summer Treat Will Make You Go Coconuts For A Bowl Of Soft Serve

No summer is complete without a bevy of Instagrammable treats, and Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. coconut bowls are here to deliver the likes and, of course, something sweet.

Coconuts are a fun, delicious super fruit that also happen to look amazing carrying our Soft Serve Fruit, the company’s founder, Chloe Epstein, tellsElite Daily.

Chloe’s located at East17 Street in New York City has certainly created a swoon-worthy snack thanks to the combination of fruit, colorful (and healthy) soft serve, and adorable drink umbrellas.

Courtesy of Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.

The bowls debuted on Wednesday, July 19 and lookalmost too beautiful to eat. However, Epstein tells Elite Daily her food isn’t just about the appearance and snaps.

We don’t necessarily look at trends when it comes to our menu, she says. Instead we strive to create better for you,’ delicious-tasting snacks that we think transcend what is hot right now to what we think our consumers simply will enjoy.

And the coconut is certainly having a moment.

Courtesy of Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.

Whether it’s working its way into your post-workout snacks or seeping its way intobeauty routines, coconuts have caused a craze.

Fortunately, Epstein and her team caught on. Though they only planned to have coconut bowls for an in-store summer kickoff event, they toyed with the idea of making something bigger out of the new dessert.

Our campaign is called #SweetestSummerEver and we felt the coconut presentation was the perfect way to celebrate summer, Epstein says.

Now available until Sept. 22, the coconut bowls are ready to be consumed, but they’re on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you’re not going to want to miss out.

With a mixture of fruit, water, and a touch of organic cane sugar, Chloe’s not only offers a fun-looking item, but a healthy one.

We wanted to offer something fun, festive, and fruity that complimented our delicious, guilt-free Soft Serve Fruit, Epstein saysof the dessert. We love to get creative with how we pair and present it.

No need to convince us, we’re on our way!

For those who are not based in New York, have a look at ChloesFruit.com to find out where you can get a sweet, healthy fix.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/envision/food/chloes-soft-serve-coconut-bowls/2021434/


5 Changes I Saw In My Body After Eating Plant-Based Meals For Just One Week

I’ve thought about switching to a plant-based diet for quite a while now.

The overall benefits of eating these whole foods are nearly impossible to deny, and plus, the plated pics I see all over my Insta feed have an undeniable aesthetic appeal to them.

I first learned aboutSakara Life’s plant-based food programwhen beauty director Carly Cardellino challenged herself to live like Victoria’s Secret Model Lily Aldridge for a week.

Shedescribed the food as flavorful, explainingit made her feel really good to know she was eating healthy during each and everymeal.

Fast-forward two yearslater, and I came across the organic service once again on Instagram, my thumb rolling back to the photoalmost instantaneously.

I had a feeling my time had come to try out the program myself and see what I’d been missing out on.

Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise, co-founders of Sakara Life, tell Elite Daily their program is all about creating meals that empower you to be your best, most authentic self.

Food is the foundation for success, abundance, and happiness in all areas of yourlife from your career to yourrelationships to your ability to create!

The program is committed to thenine pillars of nutrition, designing each meal as 100 percent plant-based so your body can enjoy the many benefits fresh produce can provide, such as lowering disease-causing inflammation, balancing hormones, boosting your sex drive, improvement in auto-immune symptoms and fertility problems, better sleep, more energy, and clearer skin.

Though I’ve recently dabbled in a vegan or plant-based diet, I have yet to make the wholehearted switch.

But, for one work week, I put Sakara Life’s meal program to the test to see how both my body and my mind might change in the process.

Day 1 So Full, So Fast

Julia Guerra

My first breakfast of the experiment was a raw almond cacao tart with Manuka honey and cashew creme.

I can honestly say I’ve never experienced a foodgasm quite like this one before the sweetness felt almost sinful in its nature.

Tingle and Duboise explain the magic to Elite Daily,

Our breakfasts may seem like treats, but they’re made with nutrient-dense ingredients like flax, quinoa, coconut oil, buckwheat, steel-cut oats,fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds, so they’re packed with protein, healthy fats, and other nutrients to keep you satisfied without weighing you down.

Mission accomplished, ladies.

Julia Guerra

Lunch included a seven-layer bowl with Jamaican jerk sauce a combination of flavors I wasn’t all too crazy about, TBH.

In the spirit of the experiment, however, I did eat the entire bowl bottomless, and it kept mefull until dinnertime.

Julia Guerra

I’m rarely full by the end of the day, and I almost always resort to grazing.

I’ve heard that plant-based diets are pretty voluminous to ensure optimal nutrition and, judging by my first go-around, I can attest to that.

Dinner was a simple, maple sweet potato bowl with spicy chickpeas.

I the white sweet potatoes (my favorite starch), and I honestly wished there had been more in the dish.

The spicy chickpea mixture definitely had a kick, butI got so full so fast, and only ended up eating about half of the meal.

Day 2 All The Energy

Julia Guerra

Living with IBS, it’s not uncommon for me to wake up with a stomach ache from whatever I’d eaten the day before, but Tuesday was pain-free, and I felt energized to do a yoga sequence in addition to some weight training.

Breakfastwas a winner: a naturally sweet, sun-kissed berry crumble with oats and a combination of summer fruits. It didn’t fill me as much as the almond tart, but as far as my taste buds were concerned, it was absolutely satisfying.

Julia Guerra

Tuesday’s lunch was a step up from the day before, with a Middle Eastern bowl full of goodies and a preserved lemon hummus that was dense, but didn’t sit uncomfortably in my stomach.

I actually ended up eating an hour earlier than usual because I wasn’t completely full from breakfast, so the rest of the day was a bit offset.

Julia Guerra

Dinner was simply fantastic.

I ate the entire plate full of green goddess lasagna and spinach salad, andeven found myself wishing there had been a second helping to pick on.

I went to bed feeling slightly hungrier than I had the day before.

Day 3 Clearing Out My Mind

Julia Guerra

While family members and friends reached out with questions about the mysterious blue liquid I was pouring into my muesli on Wednesday, I had zero hesitations to consume every last bit of the Majik Mylk.

Paired with a superseed mixture, I was surprised at just how full it kept me until lunchtime (normally a bowl of cereal barely passes as a snack in my book).

Julia Guerra

Lunch served up a golden berry couscous with fresh herbs.

All elements separately were light, but put together, the leafy salad was quite filling.

Julia Guerra

Wednesday’s dinner, which happened to be full of probiotics, was my absolute favorite.

The earth’s harvest bowl featured a slew of sauerkraut which, combined with the brand’s signature detox water I sipped until bedtime, got my bowels up and moving in the best way possible.

Hitting the midway point of the experiment, I also noticed my performance at work was improving drastically. I was handing in assignments before their deadlines, and I was grasping the concept of complex articles much more quickly than usual.

Overall, my brain felt remarkably less foggy, and a lot more functional.

Day 4 Quick To Recover

Julia Guerra

As a direct result of chronic IBS, Ihave an extremely sensitive stomach. So, while yours might be fit to chug a chlorophyll-packed detox water with little repercussions, this green-tinted agua did a serious number on me.

Needless to say, I waited a little later to have breakfast that morning, but what a delicious indulgence it turned out to be when I got around to it.

The small piece of banana protein bread coated with macerated berrieswas basically like a piece of really healthy, but still really delicious cake.

Julia Guerra

I’m all for avocado everything, so I was really excited to see a half hanging out in the corner of my earth bowl for lunch.

Yay for healthy fats!

Julia Guerra

Thursday’s dinner was my least favorite of the trial. I’m not a huge fan of a lot of coconut-flavored foods, so this was definitely a matter of preference.

However, I did notice a difference in just how fast my body was able to recover after that morning’s episode. Normally, an hour or so in the bathroom will have me down for the count for the remainder of the day, but by lunchtime, my body was happy and.

It all has to do with a healthy gut aka a well-nourished microbiome, otherwise known as the trillions of bacteria inside your body:

Since ahealthy gut microbiome is the key to total-body wellness, the Sakara Life nutrition program is specifically designed to encourage gut health byproviding your microbes with the nourishment they need to thrive, while starving the pathogenic bacteria (like candida) that feed on processed junk andsugar.

Day 5 Clear Skin

Julia Guerra

I’m off from work on Fridays, so this is usually my day to be out of the apartment to get sh*t done.

Translation: I need fuel if I’m going to be out and about for hours at a time.

Breakfast was a plate of peach pancakes with blackberries, and I swear the combination tasted like cookies.

No syrup necessary; each bite was sweeter than the last.

Julia Guerra

By the time I got home, I had my monthly visitor from good ol’ mother nature. This wasn’t a surprise, but the fact that my skin had remained clear a shock to me.

Normally, I break out like an angsty tween in pubertythe week before, all the way through my period, and while I definitely had a few red splotches prior to this experiment, my skin was crystal clear by Friday afternoon.

I’ll take that.

Lunch gavePanera’s half-and-half special a run for its money, with a bowl full of sweet pea soup, and this dainty carrot tea sandwich had me craving acozy fall afternoon in this summer heat.

Julia Guerra

Dinner was the complete opposite. This rainbow wrap was all summer, featuringcarrots, lentils, avocado, and more (the first recipe, I think, that would actually be easy to replicate sansinstructions).

Some Final Thoughts

Personally, I love fruits and vegetables, so I found each Sakara Life meal to be an adventure for my taste buds.

However, I probably wouldn’t recommend this program tothe pickiest of eaters.

There are a lot of quirky combinations that require an open mind, but aside from all of the internal and external health benefits the program provides, it definitely goes to show plant-based diets are hardly limited.

There are so many benefits to a plant-based diet, and some maybe you won’t believe until you experience them yourself.

As a result of my five-day program, in addition to my own research, I’ve decided tomove forward with a plant-based lifestyle to optimize my health.

Believe me, I’m not saying you need to go home today and swear off all meat products what you eat is your prerogative.

But when you eat better, you feel better, and you owe it to your body to at least give these options a try.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/wellness/5-changes-saw-body-eating-plant-based-meals-just-one-week/2018707/


5 Delicious Ways To Sneak Some Coconut Oil Into Your Post-Workout Snacks

In case you didn’t already know, coconut oil has the power to change your freaking life.

Between the benefits this stuff can have for your skin and the nourishment it can offer your body, there’s pretty much nothing that coconut oil do.

So it should come as no surprise at all that coconut oil also happens to be an amazing resource for all your workout needs.

Coconut oil can help with both insulin secretion and immune functionand, according to the , it has the potential to enhance your overall exercise performance.

It’s also an incredible source of medium chain triglycerides,which aid in the process of muscle recovery, along with development and growth.

In order to reap all these deliciously feel-good benefits, here are five post-workout snacks that will get you your coconut oil fix and provide a tasty dose of #gains.

1. Energy Balls

Energy balls are the perfect nutrient-dense snack to eat after a solidsweat sesh, and they’re super easy to prepare.

Blair from @balancewithb adds cacao and hazelnut to hers, essentially creating her own healthy spin on a Ferrero Rocher (and if you don’t consider yourself borderline addicted to those things, you are wrong).

Add a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil into any Bliss Ball recipe to mend those hard-working muscles.

2. Banana Bread

If you say you don’t like banana bread, I’m sorry, but you probably sit on a throne of lies.

This recipe from @ambitiouskitchen includes a healthy serving of coconut oil to keep the bread moist and your body nourished after an intense SoulCycle class.

BRB, preheating the oven.

3. Pancakes

Sneak some coconut oil into @rachlmansfields protein-packed pancakes for a delectable post-workout treat.

And that chocolate drizzle? Ugh, I’m in heaven.

4. Eggs

If the thought of baking makes you cringe, no need to worry one of the easiest ways to pack in that coconut oil punch is to simply fry an egg in it.

@Leefromamerica shows you how it’s done with this sweet and savory combo.

Seriously, I’d consider doing an extra set of burpees if I knew this plate was waiting for me afterward (I said consider, OK?).

5. Hot Cocoa

Get creative with this healthy spin on a traditional hot chocolate.

@Balancewithb keeps it real simple with cacao, cinnamon, and almond milk.

Transform the comforting concoction into a post-pilates drink by adding a scoop of protein powder and a tablespoon of the good stuff aka coconut oil.

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Why drinking too much doesn’t have to leave permanent damage

As you get older, the damage you inflict on your body often feels permanent. But in many cases, your ailing body can help to heal itself with a little help from you. Heres how to turn back the clock. 

Regenerate your liver
The liver, your bodys main detoxifying organ, is also the most naturally regenerative organ, says Robert C. Huebert, a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist who specializes in liver transplants. Humans can tolerate a 70 percent recession of liver and the liver will [still grow back].


Thats good liver news for those who occasionally indulge in a night of binge drinking. (Consistent over-drinking, of course, can result in cirrhosis or fatty liver disease, both of which cause permanent damage.)

Sugar can exacerbate liver damage, even causing whats called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Bridget Murphy, a registered dietitian at NYU Langone Medical Center, advises cutting back on soda, juice and anything else that packs an overly sweet punch.

Rewire your brain
Research shows that the brain can sometimes rewire itself through the relearning of functions, and the growth and development of stem cells.

[In the case of a] mild brain injury, such as a concussion, most can recover fully, says Barry Jordan, assistant medical director of neurorehabilitation at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, NY. More serious brain injuries are dependent on variables like age, he says, noting those under 50 have a better chance of bouncing back.


Some studies indicate that certain foods can help boost the brain.

With ADHD, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to fix neurological misfires, says Murphy. The question is, how can it help with Alzheimers, or brain injuries? She suggests adding fatty fish, walnuts and antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries to your diet.

Work on your lungs 
Theres good but cautious news when it comes to lung damage, long believed to be permanent. Some studies have shown the potential for lung-cell regeneration in a lab setting. What this means for future treatment is unclear, however.

For now, damage to lung tissue from smoking is indeed permanent, says Humberto Choi, staff pulmonologist at Cleveland Clinic. But quitting can lead to other benefits including a lowered risk of cancer.

[Coughing] and acute inflammation stop quickly, within days or weeks, and the risk of lung cancer decreases overtime, says Choi. After 10 years, he says, the risk drops to roughly 50 percent of that of a continued smoker. The bodys ability to circulate oxygen also improves.


Some foods can help fight lung dryness and inflammation, says Murphy, who suggests consuming healthy fats, particularly those rich in medium-chain triglycerides, such as coconut oil.

Keep your heart strong
Approximately 15.5 million Americans have one or more types of cardiovascular disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. While much of the damage is irreversible, the muscle can be strengthened to prevent future troubles.

Exercise, diet change and lifestyle change are the three pillars to good heart health, says Richard Novitch, director of the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program at Burke Hospital. Exercise is the most important, as it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and can cause new blood vessels to form. The strain on the heart can lessen, and the heart can remodel itself over time, he says, referring to the arteries ability to reshape themselves to a natural, healthy state.


Diet changes should include decreasing saturated fats, increasing unsaturated fats, and increasing fiber, says Murphy. Try adding chia seeds or flax meal to your breakfast for both healthy fat and fiber.

First published on the New York Post.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/2017/04/11/why-drinking-too-much-doesnt-have-to-leave-permanent-damage.html


The 6 Weight Loss Rules You Need To Stop Ignoring

Im not sure when everyone on earth started thinking theyre some #fitspo expert, but it feels like every nutritionist, health magazine, and random Buzzfeed article has a new rule about dieting that’s the “ultimate deal breaker” for losing weight. Like, were all for being healthy, but no one can actually follow all these fucking rules, and most of them are bullshit anyway. Luckily for you, we did some digging and found six real rules that you actually shouldnt be breaking if you want to see results:

1. Serving Size Rule

You might quickly glance at the amount of calories on your yogurt or how much fat is in your cereal, but no one actually pays attention to serving sizes. I mean, first of all, theyre pretty brutal. Like, eight servings in one container of hummus? Thats rude. And dont get me started on peanut buttershow me one person who actually measures out two tablespoons, and I’m calling the police. But, the reality is, if youre looking to lose weight, youve got to start paying attention to serving sizes so you know whats going in your body. You might think youre being super healthy by adding coconut oil to your smoothie, but theres like, a 200 calorie difference between one tablespoon and two or three. Stop eyeballing it. Youll thank us later.

2. The Mindful Eating Rule

Mindful eating sounds like a chapter out of one of Gwyneth Paltrows holistic diet books, but this rule is more legit than you realize. I mean, how often do you start eating a bag of pretzels while watching TV and then suddenly look down at a commercial break to see the bag is completely empty? What a sad moment. Mindless eating ALWAYS leads to overeating, so try to sit down with your food so youre actually deciding how much of it to eat. Youll also notice how stupid you were before you started paying attention. I mean, dont get us started on a night with the munchies. Thats like, a solid 3,000 mindless calories consumed in an hour.

3. The Water Rule

It turns out the whole 8 cups a day rule youve been hearing since is actually real and could really help you when youre trying to lose weight. First of all, water fills you up, so youll obviously be less hungry and less likely to demolish the sleeve of Oreos you find in your desk at 3pm. Plus, when youre drinking water throughout the day, your digestion just runs more smoothly by getting everything through your system. 2-3 liters a day is a good goal, so start chugging. If your co-workers ask if you have a bladder infection, youre doing something right.

4. The Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Rule

This is another oldie but goodie, aka youve been hearing it forever and ignoring it, but it actually works. Eating in the morning has been proven to jumpstart your metabolism, so youll actually burn more calories throughout the day. Its also been proven that people who skip breakfast are more likely to eat unhealthy snacks later in the day, so make the time to eat some breakfast in the morning. Go for a Greek yogurt with berries, a bowl of oatmeal, or a slice of whole wheat toast with almond butter. Frozen Eggo waffles dont count, and neither does leftover pizza. Sorry.

5. The Strength Training Rule

Its been super trendy lately to pick up some weights at the gym instead of just latching onto the Elliptical, and it turns out strength training isnt only beneficial for helping your arms not get tired while blow-drying (although thats an obvious perk). There are tons of scientific studies out there that prove strength training can actually burn more fat than cardio alone, so you can stop OD-ing on SoulCycle Survivor classes. They were getting expensive anyway. Adding some muscle to your body ensures that your body burns more calories while at rest, and you can also eat more calories without them turning straight to fat. And as an added bonus, you won’t get skinny-fat.

6. The Trans Fat Rule

So many nutrition experts recommend incorporating fat in your diet, but none of them are talking about trans fat. Trans fat, aka hydrogenated oils, are literally the worst ingredient you could be eating if you want to lose weight. Unlike avocados, nuts, and olive oil, which contain healthy fats that actually help your body, trans fats slow down your metabolism by binding to your fat and liver cells. These fats can also cause inflammation, bloating, and they trigger more cravings later on, so you might want to check the ingredients twice.


Read more: http://www.betches.com/6-weight-loss-tips-you-should-stop-ignoring


12 Home Remedies For Your Itchy Mosquito Bites If You Just Got Eaten Alive Overnight

Between painful sunburn and heinous mosquito bites that itch so bad I scratch until I bleed (not suggested, BTW), I don’t even understand why I bother to venture outsidein the summer.

Just like how my pasty white skin doesn’t burn (it crisps), my mosquito bites are hardly just tiny dots that itch a bit throughout the day.

Due to a most unfortunate allergy, those suckers blow up with insect saliva and take over whatever body part was attacked.

The bad news? Bites f*cking suck.

But the good news is, fortunately, if you run out of antiseptic cream, there’s always an alternative lying around the kitchen.

Here are 11 home remedies to soothe that itch you shouldn’t scratch when you’ve practically been eaten alive by mosquitoes.

1. Green Tea Bag

Even if you’ve never hopped on the green tea train,you’ll want a box to remedy bites.

Just like how you might place tea bags under your eyes to reduce swelling, you’ll do the same with itchy bumps that blow up before you know it.

2. Coconut Oil

Combat itching with a rub-down of coconut oil over the irritated area.

A thin layer of the pure oil also acts as a protective barrier to prevent environmental stressors from causing infection.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal baths are heaven-sent healers.

Similarly to how you’d hop in a tub of ground-up oats to soothe sunburn, this beyond-breakfast grain does the same for irritated mosquito bites.

4. Aloe Vera

I’ve always used store-bought lotion, but applying the raw gel of the aloe vera plant works as an excellent remedy for mosquito bites that are so itchy they literally keep you up at night.

Naturally comprised of 130 active compounds as well as over 30 amino acids, aloe vera works as an organic antiseptic that soothes the itch ASAP.

5. Honey

Unlike applying honey to large patches of sunburn which, I’d imagine, could get messy and way too sticky for comfort, all you’ll need to do for your mosquito bites is apply a simple drip of honey around the bite to curb those pesky itches.

6. Rubbing Alcohol

I can remember being a whiney little kid, crying to my nana about the itchy red spots all over my legs.

She’d wipe my tears and grab a brown bottle of rubbing alcohol, dab a few drops over a cotton ball, and press directly over the bites.

The result? relief (though this definitely isn’t a long-term fix, as re-application was necessary throughout the day).

7. Basil

This fresh garnish adds a little something to pasta dishes and Italian everything, but apparently, it can also stop mosquito bite madness in its tracks.

Basil can stop the itch in two ways. The first method requires you to boil two cups of water, and add in half an ounce of dried leaves.

Once cooled, soak a washcloth into the magical brew and apply directly to the bite.

If you have little to no patience to wait for water to boil because, ahem, these damn bites are itchy AF, finely chop the basil leaf, and liberally rub the pieces all over the bite.

8. Toothpaste

I never could tell if applying toothpaste to my acne actually made my pimples shrink, but according to the Farmers’ Almanac, toothpaste definitely stops mosquito-bite itch.

At least it’s good for something other than, you know, tending to your pearly whites and all.

9. Ice, Ice Baby

Give mosquito bites the cold shoulder by applying an icy compress directly on the itchy area to freeze it out.

Ten points if you don’t flinch from the freezer burn.

But, in my mind, if you don’t get chills, you’re doing it wrong.

10. Aspirin

If the bite is causing you physical pain, orally takesome aspirin.

For itchy situations, form a paste by crushing an aspirin tablet and mixing the powdery substance with water.

Dr. Jessica Wu, MDtold Everyday Healththat aspirin contains acetyl salicylic acid, which is anti-inflammatory, which means this remedy may be best if you’re looking for a quick fix.

11. Essential Oils

Essential oils like tea tree and lavender contain soothing properties that are both antiseptic and healing.

Save a few drops for emergencies to ensure mosquito bite relief does more than stop the itch.

12. Turmeric

Your favorite vegetable seasoning does more than spice up a meal.

Turmeric spices up your life, and that includes aiding your mosquito bites back to health.

Combine a sprinkle of turmeric powder and water, and coat the bite completely.

Let the paste dry, and rinse off after an hour to significantly reduce swelling.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/wellness/12-home-remedies-itchy-mosquito-bites-just-got-eaten-alive-overnight/2011321/


10 Hacks To Turn Your Morning Routine Into A Breeze, No Matter What

Starting your morning off right is the most important thing you can do for your day.

Prepping as much as you can the night before and coming up with a routine that pumps up your mood is a great way to make sure you get off on the right foot.

But sometimes, things happen. You run late. Your things break mid-use. You run out of product at the worst time. FML moments happen to the best of us.

Here are few easy hacks that will help you keep the motor running in the morning. Things will go wrong, but that quick bounce-back is what will help you keep your mood on the right track.

Morning blues, where? Not with these remedies.

1. Use A Bobby Pin When Your Lotion Runs Low

You know that annoying moment that happens when you have to shake your lotion to death just to get a droplet? Well, eliminate this slow-up by clipping a bobby pin to your lotion tube and lowering it all the way down, according to Allure magazine.

It will give you your last lotion dollops, so you don’t have to spend forever twisting and turning the container. You can also do this for toothpaste and other skincare products.

2. You Can Also Use A Bobby Pin For That Perfectly Even Cat-Eye

Use the indented end of the bobby pin to get the perfect cat eye tip instead of doing it over and over again until you get it right. This thing works and it works the first time.

3. When Your Lipstick Breaks, Pot The Thing

Depotting makeup to safe space

Depotting makeup will declutter your makeup bag

Posted by INSIDER beauty on Thursday, May 4, 2017

There are few things more frustrating than when you have your makeup routine all mapped out and then you go to put on your lipstick and the dang tip falls off.

Keep a few old compacts from now on, so you can take any broken lipsticks and mash them into the compact for portable, easy usage. This will save your precious lippy, but also helps you quickly bounce back from an unexpected beauty blooper when you have to be out of the house quickly.

You can also potof your lipsticks for better storage, if you have the time. This will only make more room in your makeup bag.

4. Can’t Find Your Lint Roller? Use Hair Spray

If you lose your lint roller or peel that last sticky sheet from it, then bounce back quickly by spritzing a little hairspray on a cloth or paper towel, then wiping down your linty clothes. The spray is sticky enough to pull them off smoothly without damaging your outfit.

5. Use The Olive Oil In Your Kitchen If You’re Out Of Lotion

Stepping out of the shower dripping wet and realizing you completely forgot to replace your lotion the last time you were out is no longer a nightmare.Just grab your olive oil from the kitchen (pleaseno vegetable oil) and lather your body.

Use a, not the huge globs you normally pump from your lotion bottle. The oil will trap the moisture into your skin so that you don’t have to go throughout the day with that weird, dry ashiness that comes with not moisturizing your skin after it’s wet.

Other replacements are tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil.

6. Use Baking Soda If You’re Out Of Deodorant Or It Breaks Off

Like your lipstick, deodorant sticks can break off or crumble. If this happens, or you run out at the wrong time, then suggests you use baking soda since it absorbs bad odors. Pat some under your arms the same way you would, say, baby powder. Then, keep it moving.

You’ve got somewhere to be, right? Luckily, they won’t smell you before you get there.

7. Put A Pencil To Your Zipper If It Gets Stuck

When you’re pulling up the zipper to your go-to work pants and it gets stuck, ripping them off and tossing them the bed in a fury of curses is a fine remedy.

Or you could take a lead pencil and merely rub it up and down the sides of the zipper since it takes, like, a minute.

8. Substitute A HotPot As An Iron If Yours Stops Working

Wrinkled clothes are the worst when you have to be somewhere that they aren’t exactly acceptable like work or a first date with a potential bae.

If your iron doesn’t workyou’re out of town with no iron available, then grab a pot. Boil water in it and then pour the water out of it. Now the pot is ahot faux iron to run over your clothes really quickly. Just don’t burn yourself.

You can probably also do a similar thing with a tea kettle, which might be easer to handle with one hand, iron-style.

9. Wrap A Gorgeous Scarf When Your Hair Won’t Behave

A colorful, artfully twisted scarf will add a lil’ umph to your t-shirt and jeans outfit. Throw on some hoop earrings and hit the door.

This scarf remedy is everything because you can purchase them for cheap, as in like $2 from a local beauty supply in your town.

And yes, these are also great to wear during the summer months. Just select a scarf with airy, thin fabric when it’s hot. They can actually be pretty cooling for your head.

10. Clean Shoe Stains And Scuffs With Nail Polish Remover

You don’t always have time to re-think your entire outfit just because the perfect shoe matches youpulled out are a little on the busted side. Make your shoes like new again by using nail polish remover on any dark spots.

Theywill come off like a charm, and no, the nail polish remover won’t destroy your shoes. This method works for sneakers and heels alike.

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