Gwyneth Paltrow launches Goop as glossy Cond Nast magazine

Actor turned wellness guru who introduced world to vaginal steaming is to bring Goop brand to volatile magazine market

Gwyneth Paltrow, having conquered the worlds of acting, macrobiotic cookery and high-end fashion, is to launch a quarterly magazine published by Cond Nast. The magazine, named Goop after Paltrows lifestyle brand, will be available on newsstands from September.

The magazine will focus on wellness a trillion-dollar industry of which Paltrow has long been at the vanguard.

From its inception as an email newsletter in 2008, Goop has urged readers to take care of themselves, expensively, under the strapline urge the inner aspect. Goop has given advice on therapy, parenting, mysticism, sex, fashion, beauty, and kale-centric clean eating plans, many of which have been called into question by medical professionals.

Over the years many of Goops more unusual lifestyle suggestions vaginal steaming, sex bark, conscious uncoupling have won global headlines. Last year, its Christmas gift guide included a selection of crystals handpicked by the house shaman and a yurt costing $8,300.

Goop magazine is just the latest high-profile move in Goops recent, aggressive, expansion. Last week it was announced that Paltrow would host a one day wellness summit in Los Angeles in June with workshops and services including aura photography, crystal therapy and energy-boosting intravenous drips.

Earlier this month, the brand launched Edition 02, an artisanal $165 perfume with ingredients described as mystical, clairvoyant and homeopathic. Last September, it launched its own clothing line, Goop Label, selling blazers for $695 and shirts for $195.

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NHS hernia mesh repairs ‘leaving patients in chronic pain’ – BBC News

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Media captionNHS hernia mesh felt like ‘scratching from inside’

NHS England is using mesh to repair hernias which leaves many patients in chronic pain, surgeons have told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

The concerns come after it emerged that more than 800 women are taking legal action against the NHS over the use of vaginal mesh implants.

One woman said she was left “screaming on all fours from the agonising pain”.

NHS England said mesh implants had been successfully used to treat hernias for several decades.

The material is its “recommended method” for treating the condition. It is used on tens of thousands of patients every year.

‘Fiery burning agony’

A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue pokes through a gap where muscle has weakened. It most commonly takes place in the groin.

The use of mesh involves pushing bulging tissue back into the abdomen and covering it with the material, and can be delivered via open or keyhole surgery.

Leila Hackett had an umbilical hernia mesh repair in 2013.

“Straightaway I could feel the mesh,” she said. “It was like somebody scratching you from inside your body, it’s so unpleasant and constant.

“It started off like fiery burning agony but it never stopped hurting or itching.”

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Mesh is the NHS’s “recommended method” for treating groin hernias

The mother-of-two spoke to her GP about her pain many times, but was told the mesh was not the problem.

Two years later, she was taken to hospital after the material had become stuck to her internal organs, causing her bowel to twist.

“The pain got so agonising I was just screaming on all fours,” Mrs Hackett explained.

During her operation, the surgeon spent four hours picking the material out.

“As soon as I came round, I knew the mesh had been removed because I felt normal again,” she said.

Image copyright Instagram/professorgreen
Image caption Rapper Professor Green has documented his hernia mesh surgery on social media

One in 10 people will develop a hernia, and some experts are concerned about the “thousands of hernia mesh patients who are living with chronic pain”.

Former general surgeon, Peter Jones, from Kent, spent much of his career removing mesh from British groin hernia patients.

“Severe pain is a common problem and patients aren’t being warned about it,” Mr Jones said.

“At least half of patients who have a mesh repair will have a smooth recovery, but in my opinion the risks of a poor outcome are so bad, I wouldn’t want to take that risk.

“I think litigation will come into this. If enough people got together and said, ‘We are suffering and we weren’t warned about it’, that could put a dent into the mesh repair for hernias.”

Find out more

Watch the Victoria Derbyshire programme on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:00 on BBC Two and the BBC News Channel.

Martin Kincey, 39, started experiencing pain in 2011, 12 years after he had a mesh repair for his inguinal hernia.

“I used to play all sorts of sports,” he explained. “But now the simplest of movements can be seriously painful. It feels like I have been stabbed with something hot.”

Martin has had multiple scans, blood tests and colonoscopies, which have all come back clear.

Image caption Martin Kincey had a hernia mesh repair in 1999

“They’ve ruled out everything this could be, other than pursuing the mesh complications,” he said.

“There must be thousands of people who are experiencing pain who don’t realise it could be the mesh.

“It might not be to blame, but until it’s investigated, how can we know?”

While studies show 10% to 15% of groin hernias patients will experience chronic pain following a repair, surgeons say more research is needed for less common hernias.

Mesh-free alternative

There is a mesh-free alternative for patients with groin hernias, which some surgeons have called for the NHS to teach its staff, so patients can have a choice.

The Shouldice hernia repair involves a surgeon overlapping and securing layers of the abdominal wall, once a bulge has been placed back inside a patient’s body.

The technique was created at the Shouldice Hernia Centre in Toronto, which has a 99.5% lifetime success rate for treating first-time groin hernias.

According to NHS Choices, 10% of hernias come back at some point after surgery.

However, NHS England said the Shouldice repair was hard to replicate in its hospitals.

It said mesh repairs had been undertaken extensively and successfully in the UK for several decades.

The Royal College of Surgeons said while “any poor outcomes are regrettable”, mesh implants were the “most effective” way to deal with a hernia.

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In North Carolina, Women Can’t Withdraw Consent After Sex Begins

North Carolina is the only state in which a woman cant withdraw consent after sexual intercourse has already begun. But a state lawmaker is now trying to change that, sponsoring legislation that would upend a decades-old state Supreme Court ruling that determined it cant be rape if a woman offers her consent before penetration happens no matter what her choice may be after that.

North Carolina is the only state in the U.S. where no doesnt mean no, state Sen. Jeff Jackson (D-Mecklenburg) told The Fayetteville Observer this week. Jackson is the sponsor of Senate Bill 553, which states that a person who continues to engage in intercourse after consent is withdrawn can be charged with rape. The bill applies specifically to vaginal intercourse.

In 1977, Beverly Hester of North Carolina was on a first date when she was sexually assaulted. She later testified that she had willingly accompanied her date to a bedroom but that he had later forced her to have intercourse with him even though she begged him not to, per a 2004 report in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology.

The states Supreme Court ultimately ruled that Hesters date had not raped her.If the actual penetration is accomplished with the womans consent, the accused is not guilty of rape, although he may be guilty of another crime because of his subsequent actions, said the court decision.

That ruling has had devastating consequences to this day.

Jackson said state legislators are hearing more and more about women who have been raped and are being denied justice because of this crazy loophole.

Amy Guy of Wake County is one of these victims. Guy told WCNC.com in an interview last month that her estranged husband had initially been charged with second-degree rape after continuing to have sex with her despite her pleas for him to stop.Jonathan Guy had showed up intoxicated at her apartment last year demanding sex, she said. She initially consented, but when he turned violent during the act,she begged him to stop a plea that he ignored.

Guys second-degree rape charge was eventually reduced to a misdemeanor assault because of the Supreme Court ruling from the 1970s, reported WRAL.com.

I was devastated. I didnt understand how that could be because I knew I had been raped, Guy told the station. I dont understand how the law can say that I wasnt.

This week, assault victim Aaliyah Palmer, 19, also came forward with her story. Like Guy, she says she had initially consented to have sex with a man but withdrew her consent when he turned violent.

The January assault happened at a party near Fort Bragg. I said, Youre hurting me. Stop, Palmer told the Observe, saying she repeated this demand several times, but he refused to stop.

Four soldiers who had been present at the party and who filmed Palmers sexual assault were charged with peeping Tom counts. But the man who forced himself on her was not charged with any crime.

Its really stupid, Palmer told the Observer, that a law allows the man to escape without consequences. If I tell you no and you kept going, thats rape.

Palmer and Guy said they had come forward with their stories in the hopes that the law would be changed to protect victims of rape.

Jackson said, however, that his bill, titled Revoke Consent for Intercourse, never got a hearing in the Senate and will likely be dead for the remainder of the two-year legislative session. But he told WRAL that hes undaunted and will continue to push similar bills until the law is changed.

Theres no reason for this to be partisan, Jackson told the Observer. Its about doing whats obviously right.

According to a report on Vices Broadly site last month, North Carolina may be the only state that has explicitly determined that consent cannot be withdrawn once sex begins, but an overwhelming majority of states consider this a gray area.Only eight states, including California, Kansas,South Dakota and Maine, affirmatively recognize that consent can be withdrawn at any time during intercourse, reports Broadly. Only one, Illinois, has codified this in law.

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Photographer Captures What Can Happen To A Babys Head During Birth

Stunning images taken during childbirth have captivated the Internet with snapshots of how the human body can shape itself to its circumstances in this case literally.

The images reveal how the vaginal delivery process can mold a babys head into a cone shape. This is a normal occurrence at birth, but these images of ababy boy named Graham were a bit more extreme.

Photographer Kayla Reeder captured the moment on Valentines Day morning, when she received a call that the mother, Nikki, had gone into labor. Pushing took about an hour as the boy was a tad sideways in the birth canal, but otherwise Nikki experienceda smooth delivery.

The molding on Grahams head was extra dramatic because of his position, Reedertold IFLScience. His head was tilted a bit to the side so the molding isnt centered and it caused his mama to push for a bit longer than if he wouldhave been in a better position. Soon after birth the molding went down and by few days old he had a perfectly shaped head.

Hello there, baby Graham!Kayla Reeder

A beautiful baby boy.Kayla Reeder

So why does this happen?

Newborns do not have fully formed skulls at birth, instead they have plates joined together by fibrous material called sutures. These sutures allow the bones to move during birth and help the baby squeeze through the narrow birth canal.

In addition, babies have a couple of soft areas on their heads, where the skull bones havent fused together. These soft regions, called fontanels, also help ease the babys head through the birth canal.

Since the babys skull is incredibly malleable, resting its head in the same position can result in an uneven head shape, called positional plagiocephaly. Minor molding is considered a cosmetic issue more than anything, as flat spots on the back of the head dont cause brain damage or stunt growth.

In this case,baby Graham’shead formed back into a normal shape truly revealing the miraculous wonders of the human body.

But it’s not just the baby that changes shape. Check out how the mother’s organs literally shift during pregnancy to accommodate hergrowing child in the animation below.

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8 Possible Reasons Why Your Vagina Is So Itchy

Just in case women didnt have enough to deal with down there, you can go ahead and add itching to the list of everything bad that can happen to thevagina.

Vaginal irritation is never a singular problem either.

Oh no, this mess is almost always a packaged deal that includes things like dryness, inflammation that shames you every time you pee, and/or some kind of unfortunate discharge.

Weve all had those hard-to-reach back itches, itchy arms, and itchy legs, but at least tending to those wounds isnt super awkward and near-impossible to do in public.

Here are some of the possible reasons why your vagina is itchy, along with quick remedies to ease the itch ASAP.

1. Allergies

The fabric of your underwear may be irritating your vagina, or the type of fabric softener youre using could be the culprit.

It could also be a chemical reaction to a specific kind of soap, shaving cream,or the like that youve started using.

Combat sensitive skin with hypoallergenic products.

My personal favorite is Vagisil pH Balance Sensitive Wash because its super gentle and smells nice and fresh.

2. Bad Bacteria

Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are among the most common causes of vaginal itchiness and develop when good bacteria goes bad.

Luckily, these types of infections are easily treatable with a topical cream or probiotic.

If itching doesnt subside gradually, though, consult your doctor, as you may need to be prescribed a stronger balm.

3. STDs/STIs

An itchy vagina can bea symptom of an STI,such as herpes, chlamydia, or gonorrhea, as well as STDs like HPV and trichomoniasis.

All the more reason to use protection, people.

4. Hormones

Ugh, hormones are such a hassle.

One minute they make youcrave ungodly amounts of dark chocolate and cheese fries, and the next youre huddled in a corner crying for absolutely no reason at all, other than good ol female genetics.

During your period, pregnancy, menopause, or even when taking birth control, hormones are imbalanced, which can lead to dryness, irritation, and itching.

5. Feminine Products

Theres a reason you were taught to switch tampons and pads every few hours (aside from the obvious reason being that its just gross not to).

Wearing these feminine products hours longer than recommended can result in bacteria build-up, irritation, and itching.

Always carry multiples of these products when youre on-the-go during menstruation for a quick change.

6. Condoms

Condoms are great for preventing pregnancy and all, but latexsure can be a pain (literally, in this case).

You may have an allergic reaction to the condoms youre using, in which case itssuggestedyou either switch brands, or find an alternative form of contraception.

7. Stress

When my aunt gets anxious, her arms get itchy, forcing her to scratch incessantly.

Its not uncommon for the body to react to stress by forcing you to scratch here, there, and everywhere including the vagina.

Whats interesting about stressful scratching is that, more often than not, the need to scratch is completely mental and self-inflicted.

This kind of self-soothing mechanism can turn into a habitual occurrence that creates microtears, leading to more scratching, and potential long-term harm for your body.

Thoughuncomfortable to discuss, it may be worth talking about the issue with a mental health expert to find an alternative solution.

8. Cancer

Vulvar cancer is the worst case scenario, and rest assured, its extremely unlikely that women under 65 will develop the disease.

However, if the itching persists in combination with burning, and/or extreme discomfort, it is definitely worth seeing a doctor to make sure all is well down there.

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Double your pleasure with these orgasmic sex toys for couples

If youre shopping for a new toy for you and your bae, the internet has no shortage of options. But which sex toys will really make your toes curl? And which will leave your lover begging for more? And more importantly, which can you both enjoy together?

Weve searched the web for the best of the best. Here are our top picks for toys for two.

The best sex toys for couples

Put a ring on it


Cock rings are a classic bedroom toy, and the Duet Cock Ring by Babeland is a perfect place to start if you want a new toy that hits all the right spots and wont hurt your wallet. The stretchy ring fits snugly over a penis or a strap-on and features two soft nubby vibrators that can be positioned to deliver powerful vibrations to both the balls and the clitoris at the same time. You can set it to vibrate constantly or to stimulate on contact. ($45)


We also love JimmyJanes remote-controlled Rabbit Ring. It offers all the traditional benefits of a cock ringa fuller, longer erectionplus exciting clitoral vibrations. But our favorite part is the remoteyou can share, surrender, or keep to yourself for endless teasing and control play. ($49)


Je Joue

If youre looking for elegance, JeJoues luxurious Mio ($109) is oh so pretty in purple and black. Made of beautiful, smooth silicone, the Mio delivers a heavy rumble to your clitoris while stimulating your partners package. The magnetic charger makes prepping for playtime a snap, and the elegant design offers a comfortable fit. You can also use it as a finger vibe by holding the handle for solo playtime, or share the sensations with your lover.


And if you really want to splurge, Lelos Tor 2has a gorgeous seamless design. The ring comes in purple, green, or black and delivers intense vibration with a variety of pulse settings that vary from gentle teasing to aggressive pounding. You or your partner can control the intensity and vibe patterns separately for endless variety. It comes with a discreet travel case, in which it can be charged, making it perfect for romantic getaways and excitement on the go.($149)

Sex toys for couples: Double your pleasure


If you want to feel good vibrations inside and out, the We-Vibe is a perfect option. This wearable vibe offers g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Partners can share the sensation during penetrative intercourse, or by repositioning the flexible ends. We love the slender design and extreme flexibilityno matter your shape or size, youre sure to find a comfy fit. The original comes with a remote and access to the WE-CONNECT app, which allows users to control vibes from literally anywhere in the world. ($109)


The JeJoue Dua offers a thicker penetrative piece for deeper g-spot stimulation. Its not meant for wear during sex, but it is meant for partner play from anywhere via its app, which allows you to create and save sessions. Users love its snug and flexible fit. It offers intense pressure both inside and out. If being teased in public is one of your fantasies, the Dua is quiet enough to use discreetly and the app allows partners to connect from anywhere. You can also use it in the bedroom for intimate foreplay. ($139)


Lelos Tiani is the gold standard of simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation. It comes with a remote that allows your partner to tease and thrill you. You can use it for adventurous out-of-the-bedroom play like the Dua, or wear it during penetrative intercourse for a deeper full feeling and share the intense vibrations with your partner. We love its beautiful and intuitive design, which allows users to control and adjust vibrations during lovemaking without pause. ($169)


Couples sex toys: New sensations

Dame Products

One of the newest innovators in the sex toy world is the Dame Eva, a hands-free vibrator that stimulates the vulva and clitoris. The Eva was created by women and stays in place with two flexible wings, which tuck under the labia. It can be worn during sex, or foreplay, or both. We love that it leaves hands free for you and your partner to touch and caress wherever you wish. Plus it comes in adorable aqua and lavender colors. ($109)


For partners interested in strap-ons, the Tantus Feeldoe offers the wearer and the receiver endless pleasure. Users insert the bulbed end into the vagina and hold it in place with their muscles lifting the Feeldoe to a natural tilt. The bulb also makes a comfortable handle for manual use. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles suited for whatever adventures you and your partner have in mind. ($130 and up)


If you want to strengthen while you stimulate, we love the Nalone Miu Miu, a set of remote-controlled kegel balls crafted from smooth silicone and body-safe plastic that will get you warmed up and then some. The fit and weight of the balls is designed to strengthen the vaginal walls for a more intense orgasm, while the remote makes it perfect for partner play in or out of the bedroom. ($50)

Kinky sex toys for couples: Total control


If you and your partner are into bondage, the best bedroom toys require no batteries at all. We love theses Under the Bed Restraints from Unbound. Theyre high-quality, versatile, and tuck away easily under your bed with a series of hooks and clips. You can transform your bedroom into the place of your darkest fantasies in a snap, and cleanup is just as easy. ($70)

Fetish Furniture/Etsy

If you’re into tying and torturing your partneror being tied and tortured yourselfFetish Furnitures St. Andrews Cross is sure to become a lifelong friend. Its made of beautiful birch and pine, and has a gorgeous chestnut finish. And when its not in use, it transforms into an elegant pedestal for discreet storage in plain sight. ($699)

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The Difference Between Why Men And Women Cheat Is Actually Really Depressing

Ive been really big into re-watching lately.

The other day, I watched the episode where Jackie (Mila Kunis character) cheats on Kelso (Ashton Kutchers character). You see, Kelso cheated on Jackie plenty of times with plenty of ladies, but this was the first time Jackie had ever cheated on Kelso.

And, as opposed to going all the way with the guy she cheated with, like Kelso did with his girls, Jackie just kissed the guy she was cheating with.

Kelso got really upset and claimed Jackies transgression was a way worse than his. Why? Well, he said it was because she was a girl, and girls cheat for deeperreasons than boys do. Obviously, this isnt the case. Cheating is pretty much always wrong.

And if you dont watch the show, its important to note here that Kelso is an idiot. Thats his entire role. Hes just a big, hot, bumbling idiot.

But a new study by Superdrug Online Doctor of 2,000 Europeans and Americans finds he might not have been that far off when it came to his theory about men and women cheating for different reasons.

Apparently, men and women really do have different reasons for cheating, and womens top reasoning is pretty freaking sad.

But, before we get into all that, lets talk a bit about what people think cheating even is.

Whats cheating to most people?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know cheating is the ultimate act of betrayal against your partner.

But what specificcount as cheating?

Superdrug Online Doctor

Everybody almost unanimously agrees that vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse, and anal intercourse allabsolutely count as cheating.

Closely followed by that are the acts of kissing, heavy petting, spooning, and cuddling.

The cheating line starts getting a little more blurry withgetting emotionally close with someone. Almost 71 percent of American women agree thats cheating, while a much smaller 53 percent of men would say the same.

A similar discrepancy between men and women exists with whether or notsleeping in the same bed, hand-holding, and going out as friends are considered cheating. While 62.2 percent, 53.6 percent, and 44.5 percent of women agree those activities count as cheating, respectively, only 51.2 percent, 46.4 percent, and 29.2 percent feel the same way.

Who are people cheating with?

So, now that we know whats considered cheating, lets look into who it is people aredoing these dirty acts with.

Superdrug Online Doctor

If youre worried about that co-worker your baesraving about or the friend theyre spending atoo much time with, the study says you might have a right to be.

The most common person both men (32.9 percent) and women (40.6 percent) cheat on their partners with is actually a friend.

And thats closely followed by a co-worker at second place, who 33.3 percent of women and 28.6 percent of men say theyve cheated with.

Why are peoplecheating in the first place?

Now, for the good stuff.are men and women cheating? Is there a difference in their reasons?

Well, the study found theres actually a pretty big difference, ringing true to my boy Kelsos assertion.

Superdrug Online Doctor

The most common reason for cheating for both European and American women is the same: Their partners werent paying attention to them.

If youre a soulless sociopath who, for some reason, doesnt understand why this is so sad, let me break it down for you.

These women feel so emotionally abandoned and neglected by their partners that they end up turning to someone else to feel appreciated.

Meanwhile, European and American men both agree onthe shallow reason they cheat: The other person was hot.

So, no, ladies. Odds are, it wasnt something you did to make your man cheat. Hes just a pig.

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7 Bikini Pic Poses That Will Get You A ‘U Up?’ Text

As the summer has (finally) come upon us, so too has the time to take highly staged bikini photos while “relaxing” by the pool. Fucking duh. And no one does highly staged bikini photos relaxing by the pool better than the thirstiest thots on Instagram. You know the ones Im talking about. The ones who pose totally candidly on a public beach with their areolae (that’s the plural form of “areola” btw) practically on display and caption the photo Happy Memorial Day! *cough* Ariel Winter *cough* TBH, Ive learned a lot from thots over the years, like which facial expressions will make me look the most like a baby prostitute (important) and that the limit to extra-ness does not exist. But if theres one thing I can take away from their daily cries for help Instagram accounts, its how to take a fire bikini selfie. So lets examine a few key poses that will definitely land you a spot later in my group chat devoted to shit-talking and also probs a u up? text from your ex. K? Lets get started.

***Please note: by selfies I dont mean, like, actual pictures you can take yourself. Youll one hundred percent need a loyal friend and/or fellow shameless person to take these pictures. Obviously.

1. The Vag Flash Pose

On any given day Ill find Ariel Winter proving she has daddy issues posing half-nude on Instagram and captioning it with shit that is irrelevant to the fact that I can practically see her vaginal lips on my Instagram feed. Like, does Instagram not have rules against soft porn? Or does that not apply if youre extra? Sighs. Anyway, apparently Ariel likes to call herself a role model for young girls, and if by role model she means showing them how to pose for the nudes they send their boyfriends then, yes, she absolutely is one. The Vag Flash is a classic pose if youre looking to have people mistake you for a porn star. Happens. They key here is to widen your legs as much as possible so your thighs look thin AF and also to leave your morality and human decency at the door. God bless ya, Ariel.

2. The Let The Boobs Do All The Work Pose

This one’s for all my lazy betches out there. If you want to literally do the bare minimum (hi) then youre gonna want to hit up Emily Ratajkowskis Instagram for inspiration, because she is a master at looking hot AF while doing nothinga goal we all strive for in life. Basically you just stand there with your tits out and call it a day. Classic. The key to perfecting this pose lies heavily with your swimsuit choice. Go with a deep V one piece or something equally slutty for maximum Instagram likes a “boats and hoes” aesthetic that will make your followers friends v jealous of your body and your life. Personally, this is my go-to. I will always choose any option that allows me do zero work while also showing a maximum amount of cleavage. Seriously, every time. I am so blessed.

3. The Use Your Friend As A Prop Pose

Ohhh, Bella, Bella, Bella. You are literally one step away from a sex tape. Kidding! Im sure she already has a sex tape. Does anyone remember when Bella was just the beautiful bitchy girl from whose most annoying trait was posting way too many #mcm posts about her Disney star boyfriend? And, like, now she refers to herself as a yung smurf and fucks Scott Disick in foreign countries. Oh how the mighty barely famous have fallen. I was rooting for you, Bella! We were all (and by all I mean children under 14 and myself) were rooting for you! But even though Bella is clearly using bath salts going through something, she still looks damn good in her bikini selfies. Her favorite pose is to use whatever friend shes dragged along on her drug-induced vacations as a prop. Just look at the above picture, it screams omg we are so much fun HA HA HA HA… but also this ass though. You arent fooling anyone, Bella. But, I mean, what are friends for if not to shamelessly use and abuse for Instagram likes? Hmm?

4. The Music Video Hoe Pose

I have learned so much from Corinne in the short time I have known her shes been famous. Like, you can be your own sugar daddy if you want to (as long as your real daddy is loaded) and if you dress Nick well enough, you wont even notice his lisp. Shes v wise, that one. But the most important thing shes taught me is how I, too, can go from a simple background hoe in a 2 Chainz music video to an Instagram “influencer” in a few short years. Blessings. The thing I love about Corinne is that she blatantly poses on Instagram and DGAF about looking natural or candid. Case in point: her above music video hoe pose. Does that shit look natural to you? Of course not. But does she look good AF doing it? Absolutely. The best part is, its v easy to replicate. You basically just lie there and try and look sexy, an area I have tons of practice in, as this is low-key also my strategy in the bedroom.

5. The Lounge Pose

In case you dont recognize this hoe, Anastasia Stassie Baby Karanikolaou is a coveted member of The Plastics aka Kylie Jenners girl squad. And I dont mean plastics as a reference, I mean these bitches are literally made of plastic. But thats neither here nor there. Stassie is the reason I hate beautiful people on Instagram. This bitch is literally always lounging. On a boat. On a chair. On a beautiful man. And, like, same girl. I, too, lounge, but on something thats more within my price range. Like the couch. Be forewarned though, this pose isnt for the average betch. Youll need to, like, actually know your angles and shit. The key is to slightly perch on an objecttoo much of a perch and you might see belly rolls, but too little of a perch just makes you look like youre awkwardly standing. Youll also want to widen your legs ever so slightly so you can fake a thigh gap and look thin AF.

6. The Look Back At It Pose

If theres anyone whos perfected this pose, its Hannah Rathbun, aka one of the beautiful morons from my favorite garbage television show, For a girl who couldnt find her perfect match to save her life (lol, remember when she thought it was Chuck?), she actually knows WTF shes doing when it comes to bikini selfies. Her favorite pose is one I like to call the look back at it pose. The key here is to stand at a slight angle, with your front-facing leg propped up a bit so your ass is on full display. Then coyly look over your shoulder like this is so spontaneous and your friend hasnt been crouching in the fucking sand for the last 10 minutes taking pictures of your blessed ass from every angle imaginable. Bonus points to Hannah for tattooing a crescent moon on her ass for optimal whimsical-themed photos. I admire your commitment to Instagram, I really do.

7. The Bambi Pose

Last but not least, we have the bambi pose, which is apparently the pose of summer 2017but Kylie has been doing this shit since she was 12 for years. This pose is easy AF to pull off, you literally just sit there and kneel and make a face like a baby prostitute. TBH, I would expect nothing less from Kylie. She will literally do anything to show off her ass, including posing in such a way that it looks like you might actually have a bowel movement at any second. I mean, just look at her Instagram account. I am genuinely concerned that no one has ever properly taught this girl how to sit in a chair. Instead of just putting her ass on a seat like a normal human she does this weird draping movement that, surprise, highlights her ass. But, like, dont think for one second that I dont also weirdly drape my body over chairs now so that my ass looks amazing. Dont get it twisted.

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Oh, Pippa Middleton you should have gone full Eurotrash. Not be a Sloane married to a stuffed cashmere jumper

Her honeymoon wardrobe of prissy dresses is the epitome of dull royal conformity. Plus: Gwyneth Paltrow is the narcissistic gift that keeps giving

Pippa Middletons honeymoon wardrobe, OMG.
Lauren, Paris

Oh. Em. Gee. Well said, Lauren, or, to use words more native to you, bien dit. (Oh, yeah, baby, that A-Level in French does not go to waste around here!) I have been keenly studying Pippas honeymoon wardrobe or trousseau, as I prefer to call it, given the Middleton sisters do seem to have walked straight out of a 19th-century novel. But well save my extensively developed theory involving Kate and Pippa and the work of William Thackeray for another day, given that I have already exceeded my pretentiousness quota for this week, and we havent even got out of the first paragraph.

As I said, I have been keeping a keen eye on Pippas honeymoon wardrobe indeed, I have little choice in the matter, given that every morning I get approximately 17,127 emails from fashion PRs hysterically telling me Pippa wore their clients disgusting quilted handbag while eating room service in a 11,000-a-night suite in Sydney Harbour and, excitingly, not a word of that is an exaggeration.

It really is a testament to the tenacity of fashion PRs belief that all publicity is good publicity that they think such an announcement is worth the email its written on. Even the Daily Mail not exactly known for its support of the fashion cutting edge sensed which way the wind was blowing when it put on its front page a photo of Pippa and her husband, James Matthews who I genuinely think might be three Sloaney children standing on one anothers shoulders inside a Boden jumper beneath the headline Mr and Mrs Middle-aged on Honeymoon. Now, given that Matthews is 41, one could claim this headline is not so much a diss as a statement of fact, but I think we all get the inference: Pippas wardrobe is boring. The boxy jackets, the tortoiseshell sunglasses and those espadrilles oh, God, those espadrilles which, of course, she totally loves. Pippas honeymoon has been an extended sartorial reminder about what she actually is (a Sloane) as opposed to how some of us hoped she would be (not a Sloane.)

Ive got to hold my hands up here and admit to erring on the side of foolish optimism when it came to Pippa. Maybe it was the way she so clearly enjoys the spotlight, gifted to her purely by dint of who her sister married, but I entertained dreams of young Pip embracing the Eurotrashiness that often infuses the royal satellites. Pippa on yachts with people with names such as Spiros, wearing Roberto Cavalli kaftans; Pippa holidaying in Portofino with both Dolce and Gabbana; Pippa having a racy affair with a married Venetian prince. Basically, two cups of Princess Margaret, a cup of Lee Radziwill and a pinch of Diana is what I wanted. Instead, I got a boring Sloane in prissy dresses married to a stuffed cashmere jumper, and all I can do is kick myself for having ever expected anything else. But not in espadrilles, obviously. Im not that cruel to myself.

Gwyneth Paltrow with a $120 watering can. Photograph: Goop

I see Gwyneth Paltrow has said something. Whats happened now?
Gerry, by email

Yes, it is my duty to inform you all that Gwyneth hath spake again, this time in an interview with an online magazine. Now, Gwyneth knows people feel this way about her, but, Gwynethly, she doesnt understand why. Rather, her theory about why she is widely mocked is so unimprovably Gwynethish Im going to have to quote it in full: People were fine with me as an [actor], but with Goop it was like, Stay in your lane. Women in general get a lot of pushback, especially if youre successful and attractive.

Oh, Gwyneth, Gwyneth, Gwyneth: you are truly the gift that keeps on giving. I admire that you someone who advocates fastings and vaginal steamings are attempting to harness feminism as your defence, but people dont dislike you because youre a pretty actor who does other stuff. If they did, they would hate actor/childrens author Julianne Moore, or actor/entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon, or actor/writer Mindy Kaling, and they dont everyone loves those women. No, they mock you because you promote crackpot fasts, barmy pseudoscience and overpriced tat on your website. They mock you because everything you say reeks of blinkered privilege, such as when you said it was exciting Donald Trump was elected president because everything is kind of up in the air and it is such an amazing time for entrepreneurship. Because you talk about yourself as such a hard worker, so ruthless and disciplined, without ever acknowledging that life was handed to you on a plate, including the moment you broke into movies when your godfather, Steven Spielberg, gave you your first film role. Because you are like the human emoji for overprivileged white narcissism.

But you know, maybe were all looking at this the wrong way round. Sure, some of us wish Gwyneth would spend less time steaming her vagina and more time taking her head out of it. But perhaps she is actually an extended piece of performance art, warning us all about the dangers of capitalism? Because increasingly I feel like she was a warning satire about the current president, another overly privileged white person who was born on third and thought they hit a triple, and we just didnt grasp the clues. Once you get over the idea that you need external reinforcement to feel good, life opens up in an incredible way, she trills in this interview. Trump could not have put it better.

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Seriously, Don’t Put Wasp Nests In Your Vagina

Doctors (and common sense) are warning against a pseudoscientific practice that involves eating and putting mushed up oak galls intothe vagina, claiming it’s an organic way to clean, heal, and tighten the vagina.

The product was being peddled by a Malaysian health shop on the e-commerce site Etsy. The instructions advise customers to boil the oakgalls and then use them as a feminine hygiene wash around the time of their period. It also advises drinking one boiled oakgall for 40 days to restore elasticity of the uterine wall.

Oak galls (aka oak apples) are small spheres, usually 2 to 4 centimeters (1 to 2 inches) in diameter, that are formed by gall wasps. The larvae of the wasps live within these galls, which they create by inducing the tree to produce abnormal growths.

The shop’s listing, which has since been removed, explains: The galls, which contain tannin and small amounts of gallic acid and ellagic acid have antimicrobial qualities and are used in South East Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia by women after childbirth to restore the elasticity of the uterine wall.”

Some women take mankanni [oak galls] to improve their sex life; some say that it can tighten vagina, so they say.

Dont be fooled by this pseudoscientific spiel, theres zero evidence to suggest it works and it’s potentially dangerous.On top of that, it also highlights many popular misconceptions about sexual health and the vagina. Namely, the myth that only tight and dry vaginasare desirable and healthy.

Dr Jen Gunter, a certified gynecologist, dispelled the practice in a blog post called: Dont put ground up wasp nest in your vagina. Dr Gunter explains that the product will dry out the vagina and mess with its natural pH and healthy bacteria.

Drying the vaginal mucosa increases the risk of abrasions during sex (not good) and destroys the protective mucous layer (not good). It could also wreak havoc with the good bacteria. In addition to causing pain during sex it can increase the risk of HIV transmission… This is a dangerous practice with real potential to harm, writes Dr Gunter.

Heres a pro-tip, if something burns when you apply it to the vagina it is generally bad for the vagina, concludes DrGunter.

This isnt the first bizarre alternative medicine for vaginas found on the corners of the Internet. Last year, there were reports of an equally dangerous trend of herbal tamponsused to freshen and purify the vagina. The teabag-like product contains a mix of perfumed herbs such as motherwort, angelica, borneol, rhizoma, and Cnidium monnieri. Much like this oakgall, it was a load of unscientific bullsh*t.

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