Intrinsa Patch reviews

Intrinsa Patch reviews – does Intrinsa Patch work and any side effects?

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In the United States alone, millions of women are affected by various sexual dysfunctions. Research has shown that one of the most common causes of this problem is low testosterone. Although this is primarily a male hormone, it also plays an important role in the sexual health and overall well-being of women. This is the reason Intrinsa Patch for women was developed.intrinsa patch reviews

It is a testosterone patch that addresses the deficiency of testosterone in women due to aging or any other reason. By doing so, the sex drive of the user increases, which effectively treats the problem. Intrinsa can only be obtained with a physician’s prescription.

Intrinsa Patch was developed by pharmaceutical giant Proctor and Gamble. The company is one of the top pharmaceutical brands in the world and they have established a solid reputation in the industry. However, up until October 2012, the company that held the rights for marketing Intrinsa was Warner Chilcott.

They withdrew the product’s license for commercial reasons. The last batch of Intrinsa was acquired by another company HFA Healthcare. The problem is the considerable price hike wherein the price per pack increased more than ten times.

The active ingredient of Intrinsa Patch is testosterone which is the sex hormone naturally found in the body of men and women. It is an androgen produced in small amounts by the ovaries. Aging women tend to produce less of the hormone. Some women also have their ovaries removed due to a variety of reasons.

The deficiency of testosterone in women can lead to decreased sex drive, reduced arousal and poor libido. Supplying the body with the deficiency of the hormone testosterone increases sex drive improves arousal and boosts libido. The patch is applied twice a week and the testosterone is absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream.

Intrinsa Patch works only when the cause of the low sexual desire is low testosterone. It is only prescribed when the testosterone level of the patient is very low which is determined through blood testing. It is typically prescribed to women who had their ovaries removed and those who are undergoing estrogen replacement therapy.

Intrinsa Patch reviews – does Intrinsa Patch work and any side effects?

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willie - venus vaginal cream 1

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