Libra Feminine Hygiene Products

Libra Feminine Hygiene Products

Libra Feminine Hygiene Products

Libra Feminine Hygiene Products – Does Libra Feminine Hygiene Products work?

Libra Feminine Hygiene Products

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Feminine products like the Libra Feminine Hygiene Products are available on the market today, but one should be aware that not all of them are beneficial, and in fact some are actually harmful. Following is a list of the most widely used feminine odor products, along with an assessment of their pros and cons.libra-feminine-hygiene-products - Libra Feminine Hygiene Products

Poor hygiene, of course, can cause feminine odor; and to cure the odor all one needs to do is wash more frequently. What we are talking about today is a deeper cause of odor, which usually originates with an imbalance in the vaginal pH.

When the pH is disrupted, the beneficial organisms that colonize the vagina are killed. This leaves an opening for harmful bacteria and yeast to take over, causing vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis or candida. It is the organism in the infection that causes odor.

Also, be aware that some women have feminine odor and do not have a vaginal infection. Clearing the odor is even more frustrating for these people since there is no known cause for the odor. If feminine odor is caused by a vaginal infection, medicine will be given to kill the offensive flora; however, note that this medicine will also kill any beneficial organisms, leaving room for infection to reoccur.

Regular soap tends to be too harsh for the vaginal area, particularly an antibacterial soap. Feminine washes from Libra Feminine Hygiene Products are an alternative, however what is said about feminine powders also applies to feminine washes.  There are certain chemicals contained in almost all feminine washes that can disrupt the vaginal pH. Particularly be careful with scented products, as the chemicals used for fragrance are highly irritating.

To conclude, numerous feminine odor products exist, but few come without side effects. A disruption of the vaginal pH, leading to bad flora infestation and vaginal infection, is the most common. Douching is the worst offender as it can also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. The feminine odor product that seems to cause no side effects and yet does a wonderful job in odor elimination is Libra Feminine Hygiene Products.

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