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Maxim Hygiene Products

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Knowing feminine hygiene basics is essential for millions of teenagers and women experiencing their menstrual cycles. For thousands of years and up until a few generations ago, women had to resort to recycled strips of linens or sheets for garment protection during their period.maxim-hygiene-products - Maxim Hygiene Products

Times have changed and so has garment protection. It has evolved to include cotton pads and tampons. When it comes to feminine hygiene basics, it is very important to note and remember the following points that can considerably help women in maintaining their health.

Feminine cleanliness must be maintained and you should ensure that you wash and clean the vagina and the vulva area to avoid any kind of irritation and infections. You must wash with soap and warm water. Ensure that you do not apply talc or deodorants to this sensitive area, though it may feel good to apply them after a bath. Deodorized protection and talc have the tendency to cause irritation in this area and it can lead to itching and a burning sensation.

When you are investing in a cotton pad or a tampon for garment protection ensure that you buy the best fit. There’s a variety of options available at any drug store or supermarket. You can opt from a variety of these options that include the Maxim Hygiene Products.

Pads from Maxim Hygiene Products are intended for light, heavy and night flow. You have the choice of wearing one type during the first few days of your period and then opting for another type during the last days of your menstrual cycle.

You should change your sanitary napkin or pad after every two to three hours in order to reduce leaks and odors. Frequent changing of the napkin or pad will result in the woman feeling more fresh and comfortable. Make sure that you keep an ample stock of Maxim Hygiene Products on hand so that you do not face the problems of shortage when your period arrives.

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