Mom can’t stop laughing after learning the word for vagina farts

Regardless of its definition, the word queef will continue to bring bouts of laughter to anyone who hears it. 

This is simply a fact, and it’s been once again proven true by Twitter user _andreaacruzz’s mother.

“I told my mom what a queef was yesterday and this was her reaction,” Cruz wrote on Twitter. “If you want a good laugh, enjoy this.”

In the clip, Cruz’s mom is brought to happy tears over her newfound knowledge, repeating the word over and over again, and getting increasingly hysterical each time.

Even if you don’t understand a word of Spanish, this woman’s laugh is infectious, and it’s hard to not smile at her entertainment. Essentially the woman says that she thinks she may have peed her pants from crying so hard, but that it also resulted in a great workout. 

While many consider a queef to be flatulence from a  vagina, a.k.a. a vagina fart, that’s not exactly true. Air sometimes makes its way into the vaginal cavity, and when it escapes, the resulting noise sort of sounds like a fart. And that’s why queefs don’t smell rancid like a fart does.

“Queefs don’t smell because they’re caused by plain old air. They’re basically the vaginal version of making fart sounds with your mouth,” Dr. Vanessa Cullins, vice president of external medical affairs at Planned Parenthood, told Cosmopolitan.

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Former Colombian Model Has a New Career And It’s Fitness For Dogs

It brings joy to us knowing that our pets are healthy and active. But sometime, we ourselves don’t have time to make that possible. Luckily, someone thought of the perfect way in which dogs can get the active lifestyle they need. Former Colombian model Gustavo Montagut came to Sydney seeking adventure, and he is taking plenty of four-legged friends along for the ride. 

  • Via: Fitness Dogs

    When Montagut came to Sydney he realized something very early on. Sydney was a place obsessed with dogs, just like him! So he decided to combine his passions of fitness and healthy living and his love of dogs and the outdoors. And that is how Fitness Dogs came to be!

    Fitness Dogs provides real dog adventure, which Montagut calls DogXperiences. This includes DogAdventures, a 45-minute cardio session jogging, hiking or swimming in parklands and dog-friendly beaches across Sydney from the eastern suburbs to the north shore.

  • Via: Fitness Dogs

    “We don’t only walk dogs, we take them on adventures,” Montagut says. “DogAdventures is a group of experiences tailored to your dog’s needs. Some of the journeys include hiking in NSW national parks, going for a jog with our trainers, or taking a dip at some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches.”

    This is perfect for keeping active and letting him participate is such adventures that sometimes an owner just can’t.

    “The aim is not just to keep your dog in shape but to create different experiences for them,” Montagut says.

  • Via: Fitness Dogs

    DogAdventures targets energetic dogs that love new experiences in the great outdoors, and it is also a place where they socialize with other dogs! So this also builds their social skills! Montagut surprisingly started Fitness Dogs only 10 months ago! We know, that’s insanse. He started it after realizing just how many dogs were out and about in Sydney looking for a bit of adventure.

    It’s a pretty known fact that all dogs need a physical outlet, to expend energy and maintain good physical and mental health. Luckily they have DogAdventures that has more mainstream training programs available as well as the intense outdoors ones.

     Something for each dog!

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These Animals Love To Dance! (15 Hilarious Memes)

I guess we all just gotta shake it when we hear that beat! 

  • 1

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  • 2

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  • 3

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  • 4

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Professional Dog-Groomer Hits Back At Claims She’s Embarrassing Her Dog

We all know that people love to take their pups to the groomers. They come back looking relaxed, adorable and ready for anything. Groomers are told how to style dogs and you trust them. You trust them to be patient and attentive to your best friend. They are trained professionals. So when owner and dog-groomer got accused of “embarrassing” her dog by the Kennel Club, she hit back.

  • Via: PA Real Life

    Vikki Pearman, 41, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire is a professional dog groomer who regularly spray-paints her pooch. Recently Kennel Club had made claims that painting pets funny colors could leave them feeling like an ‘accessory’. However, Pearman begs to differ. Claiming that animals love all the attention. The proud owner of four dogs – including white standard poodle Lacie. Lacie is regularly entered in creative dog grooming competitions. This are mainly popular in the US, but was new to the UK. Lacie and owner Vikki have won an exciting six times.

  • Via: PA Real Life

    ?Vikki, who teaches dog-styling to other pup owners and has been a professional dog groomer for  more than ten years, even has her own grooming book ‘Creative Styling from Beginner to Winner’. More surprisingly, this is the only dog grooming book in all the UK. In her ten years of experience in the grooming world she’s stated, ‘In that time, I’ve very successfully competed in creative grooming competitions, earning the title ‘Creative Stylist of the Year’ […] I love it. It’s great fun, there is a real community among creative groomers.”

  • Via: PA Real Life

    ?Vikki took a stand when Kennel Club went after her saying that her dogs will feel embarrassed. She said, “And, as for dogs feeling embarrassed – it’s rubbish. If Lacie experiences any emotion when she’s dressed up, then it’s sheer joy.”

    Vikki, runs the grooming salon Pedigrees ‘n’ Pooches, in Hatfield, first started showing Lacie in competitions a decade ago. Since then, she has entered the proud poodle in 13 competitions, becoming increasingly adventurous with her designs and even incorporating props! She spends hours on hours preparing Lacie with painting and pruning to look amazing. She even dresses identically so they match. It might seem like a lot for a dog to handle but Vikki swears that Lacie’s full appearance

  • Via: PA Real Life

    Ahead of a competition, she spends days planning on the painting and pruning for Lacie, so she looks tip-top – even dressing identically, so they match. But Vikki swears Lacie’s outlandish appearance takes no longer to achieve than normal dog grooming. 

    But Vikki also knows the boundaries, ‘Of course, there are times when I would not use color on a dog, for example, if they had any health or skin conditions […] ‘Also a dog has to be mentally stable and needs to love attention. But education is the key.’

    She also emphasizes that ‘All products used are safe for pets, as they are specially made for them, with no harmful chemicals. They can either be a temporary wash out color, or there are longer lasting products that fade, but have to grow out. They still don’t damage the coat in any way.’

  • Via: PA Real Life

    However, the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs, has claimed creative grooming can hurt an animal’s feelings. Oh oh! Vikki, as a dog lover herself, completely dismissed what the Club has said as “utter nonsense”. She said: ‘Creative dog grooming is not for everyone and I happily respect that, but dogs don’t see color like we do. They don’t feel embarrassed…these are human emotions[…]’My girl only knows that she gets lots of attention and fuss, which she loves, and I take her everywhere with me – including on nursing home visits, to dog shows and I even took her to a zoo once.”

  • Via: PA Real Life

    Bill Lambert, Kennel Club Health and Breeder Services Manager said: ‘Anyone who owns a pet needs to remember that it is a living thing and not a toy to be dressed up or dyed different colors, purely to please its owner […] If extreme grooming begins to become more normalized then there is a risk that animals will start being seen as accessories, which is concerning, because their welfare could be jeopardized […] Pampering should only ever go as far as keeping your pet happy and in good condition. 

    Kennel Club does make a point on the importance of making sure the dogs well-being is placed first, yet Vikki is a trained professional in the grooming industry…hmm

     What do you guys think?

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Far too many men are sharing their stories online of making love to a coconut

Never look at a coconut the same way again.
Image: Shutterstock / Golubovy

Y’all, this is some NSFW, super graphic, sometimes really disturbing stuff. You’ve been warned.

If we learned anything from watching American Pie, or from just living life, it’s that men will put their penises in pretty much anything.

This past weekend, a Reddit user who goes by coconutthrowaway69 posted a truly graphic and supremely horrific story of his experience masturbating inside a coconut.

Basically, when he lived in humid, hot Mozambique, he made a hole in a coconut and made love to it many times over the course of a week. Then, (SORRY ABOUT THIS) maggots infested the coconut, without him knowing and got all over his penis during his last tryst with the plant.

You know, tale as old as time.

This story features unforgettable quotes such as, “For the next week the coconut is my saviour. Whenever I want to get off I simply take it out and fuck it in its delightfully tight hole made better each time by accumulating volumes of my semen and butter acting as a lubricant.”

Poetic, really.

But that’s just where the story begins.

After this, other Reddit users were apparently feeling inspired and decided to post their own anecdotes of when they too fucked a coconut. These stories became so common, the act developed a new name coined by Buzzfeed; “coco-nutting”. Guys, it’s pretty much a big trendy internet-thing now.

Coco-nutting is so popular, it even has it’s own Subreddit called R/Cocofleshlights.

If you are a lover of the tropical coconut-flavor, these stories might gross you out a bit. Or they might turn you on? Honestly, who even knows anymore.

We must say, it’s highly likely that most of these are fake. Though almost every fruit has probably been used as a sex toy at some point, a lot of these stories are a little far-fetched.

For example this guy:

Or this husband:

Or this dude who tried to think outside the coconut:

The internet is a weird and wonderful place, which should probably be burned to the ground.

Even if these are all fake, most of us will not be able to drink coconut milk ever again.

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Is Your Cats Fart Normal?

Everyone farts… it may be a tad bit embarrassing, but if it makes you feel better, even our little feline friends do it too!  You may not have realized it because dogs tend to expel more gas than cats. However, sometimes a cat does let one lose and you get a little wiff and just think… “Wooh! Is that normal?”

Well, we are here to… clear the air! 

  • Most Cat Farts Are Normal

    Via: Catser

    So before you get worried and just realize that your cats farts start to sinks, here is some common causes; Diets that are high in fiber, Dairy ingestion, Eating too fast and swallowing excessive amounts of air, Consuming spoiled food or garbage, Hairballs, and Dietary changes especially ones that aren’t gradual

    Here’s when you should start to worry…

    Noticeable tummy rumbling, Abdominal bloating, Excessive gas, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Bloody stools, Abdominal pain when the belly is touched, Decreased appetite, Scooting along the floor, and ?Excess drooling
    •  If any of these symptoms have become frequent, then you should probably consult a veterinarian.

  • At the Vets

    Via: pinterest

    During a vet consultation, they will start asking you about your cat’s diet and eating habits. It will be wise for them to also conduct a thorough physical examination and possibly order blood work or abdominal x-rays. We know that these tests may seem scary but they are crucial for getting to the bottom of anything going on with your cat.

     So, all in all, it’s totally normal for cats to “cut the cheese”!  

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    Sweet grandmother’s sassy cake smash will make you excited to turn 90

    Live everyday like you’re turning 90.

    Brigitte Godwin, a photographer from Australia, posted an adorable video on Facebook last week for her grandmother’s 90th birthday. It features Brigitte’s nan having the time of her life donning a tiara, drinking French champagne, and taking part in a very eloquent cake smash.

    It’s impossible not to giggle along with the bday queen as she struggles to get through “Cheers Bitches” with a straight face.

    It’s no surprise that since being uploaded the video has received a lot of positive attention from people who just can’t get enough of her youthful energy.

    The entire setup was a complete surprise to the birthday girl who thought she was going out to lunch with her grandkids. According to Brigitte, this was her nan’s first time wearing a tutu, eating red velvet cake, and drinking French champagne.

    You’re never too old to experience new things and do so with style.

    Honestly, it looks like she had a better time than most of us on our 21st birthday. Brigitte definitely scored lots of grandkid points for this one.

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    8 Times Animals Just Looked Fabulous!

    • 1

      This Donkey Is Working It

      Via: Pinterest

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      It’s All About Coconut Oil

      Via: TabbycatCare

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      This Deer Is Working The Lighting To His Favor… And He Knows It!

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      A Bit Of A Fabulous Show Off

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      Horse Can Do More Than Just Gallop… They Shine

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      Dashing Is The Correct Word

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