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6 Hour Binaural Beats Sexuality: Female Sex Drive, Boost Libido, Sleep Meditation Music 382

6 Hour Binaural Beats Sexuality: Female Sex Drive – Low sex drive is often an issue, Sexuality Binaural Beats can be used to boost libido to improve female sex drive. This particular binaural beats also has isochronic tones layered to enable you to listen this in a background as a sleep meditation music.

We are the leader in Brainwave Entrainment and most of our music incorporates Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones. Our production mainly focuses on Meditation Music, Reiki Music, Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Sleep Music, Study Music, Work Music, Yoga Music, Spa Music, Massage Music, Zen Music & White Noise.


♫Beat Frequency in this recording: 2.5 Hz and 4 Hz
♬ Listening Instructions: Stereo headphones not required
☼ Duration: Lasting result after six to eight weeks of daily listening.

All our new music from May 2016 are tuned to 432Hz or 528Hz
Our long music playlists are accompanied by a music video of tranquil images to help you relax. Following are some of our popular music playlists:

►Brain Waves Music
Beats composed of Alpha Waves Music, Beta Waves Music, Delta Waves Music, Theta Waves Music and Gamma Waves Music are perceived by the brain as ASMR when they reach the ears at different times. They can induce lucid dreaming, focus, meditation and stress relief & pleasantly helping with the brainwave optimization.

►Soothing & Relaxing Meditation Music
Regardless of the school of meditation – Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, Deepak Chopra meditation, Transcendental meditation or any other – the calming sounds of meditation music like Indian meditation music, Tibetan music, Japanese meditation music and even Shamanic music will enable you to reach a state of deep meditation. We also have numerous chakra healing, chakra balancing and chakra meditation music.

►Work & Study Music
Study music and work music are also known as concentration music or focus music for its ability to allow the brain to shut out intruding sounds and induce altered state of mind to allow the listener to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Sometime it is referred as Homework music too.

►Tibetan Singing Bowls
We use good quality Metal Bowls made in Nepal. Tibetan bowls are used during Reiki healing sessions as they enhance Reiki vibrations and allow the listener to reach a blissful state of consciousness. In Nepal it is also used to start and end the meditation sessions.

►Deep Sleep & Power Nap Music
The nature sounds and soothing music brings about a form of sleep hypnosis. The beautiful music will help you fall asleep, achieve peaceful deep sleep, and has the potential to even cure insomnia. Sleep music is ideal for people of all ages: for babies, children, teens, adults & elderly.

►Nature Sounds & White Noise
Nature sounds and white noise both are inherently calming. Our music incorporates rain and thunder sounds, river and waterfall sounds, fan noise, aeroplane noise and the sounds of birds chirping in the forest and of ocean waves lapping the seashore.

Other Popular Playlists:
►Kids Music Therapy and Sleep
►Solfeggio Frequencies
►Ultra High Intensity & High Vibration Sound Therapy
►Law of Attraction Affirmations
►Healing Music Therapy & Treatment
►Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection
►Guided Meditation & Hypnosis
►Stress & Anxiety Disorder Music

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» Disclaimer: Our recording alone should not be used to treat any conditions without first consulting your doctor.
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Male Sex Drive vs Female Sex Drive

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How Can You Naturally and Quickly Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive ?

Discover why Dr. Sam Robbins, health expert, recommends “AlphaViril” to increase your libido, naturally and quickly, and safely optimize testosterone levels.

************* How Can You Naturally And Quickly Increase Your Libido And Sex Drive? ***************

Even though this “subject” is usually directed towards men, women will definitely benefit as well because the factor that increases sex drive in men is the same in women too.

What is the real cause of low libido?

If you are suffering from any form of “sexual dysfunction”, reduced libido or sex drive, decreased energy or muscle size, hair problems and increased body fat then you probably have “low” or “lowered” testosterone levels.

Not only the low libido is a major health risk of death but it is also the #1 cause of infidelity, cheating, and divorce!

The primary hormone that controls sex drive in men and women is testosterone. Unfortunately, as you age your body produces less and less testosterone, also called the “youth hormone”. It keeps you looking and feeling young!
It’s what gives you that “drive” in life as well as the “bedroom”.

Your sex drive is low because it is just a part of “aging”. Unfortunately, not only your low testosterone is causing you “sexual issues” but low testosterone is also a major health risk.

In fact, the medical term for “low testosterone” is called andro-pause in men similar to “menopause” in women.

If you taking any “erectile dysfunction” drugs such as Viagra or Cialis, they do nothing to fix this problem. They don’t increase your testosterone and these drugs are not a long-term solution. The more you use them the less they work because your body quickly adapts. You need to increase your testosterone levels and that should be your primary goal!

The topic of exercise and diet changes is complicated and takes a complete life-style changes and a real commitment.

We have three goals:

1. Raise your testosterone levels
2. Decrease and normalize your “negative ” hormones
3. Increase blood flow

Don’t worry, because you are not alone and there are easy and proven solutions! How can you fix this naturally?

If you want all the improved ANTI-AGING and health benefits of higher testosterone without the negative side-effects, then simply try AlphaViril™!

– Your "all-in-one" solution (convenient & easy).
– Optimize your "pro-sexual" hormones
– All natural ingredients with fast results.
– Doctor formulated & clinically tested.
– 14 years proven formula & 367,200+ happy users.

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Female Sex-Drive Secrets: How To Increase Your Woman’s Sex-Drive

Female Sex-Drive Secrets — How To Increase Your Woman's Sex-Drive

Hey, it's Adam Armstrong here…

I'm a Sex Coach, I run the website and I teach men how to sexually satisfy their women and have much better sex.

In this 3 minute video I'm going to talk to you about the FEMALE SEX-DRIVE and you are going to learn secrets about how to quickly and easily increase your woman's sex-drive.

So if you want to have MORE SEX and you'd like your woman to be willing and eager to have sex with you pretty much whenever you want, pay close attention to what follows…

First of all, let me tell you what the biggest reason is for LOW female sex-drive. You
need to understand this because it also provides you with the solution for quickly and easily increasing your woman's sex-drive.

Okay, so here's the truth that nobody ever tells you…

The reason why many women have low sex-drives (especially when they've been in a relationship with the same man for several months or more) is because they are getting LAME SEX.

Yes, really – you did hear that correctly…

The biggest reason why many women have a low sex-drive is because their men are failing miserably to sexually satisfy them. And a woman can only take so much BAD SEX…

After a while she'll simply 'switch off' and stop wanting it, or she'll seek it elsewhere — from a man who knows what he's doing.

It's as simple as that.

So the question is:

"How do you increase your woman's sex-drive?"

Here are 3 proven techniques:

1. Go On At Least One 'Date Night' A Week

This will give you time to connect with your woman and remind her why she was ATTRACTED to you in the first place.

Make her laugh and engage her with great conversation.

A well planned 'date' is something every woman LOVES and women love to end a great date with RED-HOT SEX.

2. Use Massage To Re-Connect Physically With Your Woman

If your woman's sex-drive is lower than you'd like, pestering her for sex is NOT the way to go. This will only put her off the idea even more.

Instead, find ways to re-connect with her physically, making sure the techniques you use aren't overtly sexual.

Massage is a perfect technique because it will naturally lead to sex (if you do it well) and it doesn't put any pressure on your woman up front.

3. Make Sure The Sex Is Good When It Happens

This is the most important point of all…

When the sex does happen, make sure it's good.

If you make sure the sex is always good, your woman's sex-drive will quickly come back to life.

GREAT SEX works like magic for re-igniting a woman's sex-drive.

Here are 5 tips for giving your woman GREAT SEX:

1. Take the lead

2. Make it naughty

3. Talk dirty

4. Make it different every time

5. Give her ORGASMS, particularly vaginal orgasms during intercourse (when you do this, she'll turn into your little sex-machine, always eager to 'get it on' with you)

Let's re-cap…

– When a woman's sex-drive is low, it's very often because she's getting lame sex

– To increase your woman's sex-drive you should try taking her on at least one DATE a week, giving her MASSAGE and making sure the sex is really GOOD when it happens

To learn exactly how to give your woman INCREDIBLE SEX, go to my website
and sign up for my FREE email newsletter…

When you sign up I'll send you several FREE gifts, including a video on how to give your woman those all-important vaginal orgasms.

There's no obligation to buy anything and the sex tips, techniques and secrets that I'll share with you have the power to change the quality of your sexual relationship forever.

Go sign up now and I'll see you on the other side.

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Loss of Female Libido and ways to make it better

If sex is the core of all marital relationships, then it is sex drive or libido affects or dictates all sexual relationships. A fall or decline of libido is commonly seen in women after particular age
To Read the Article and many more articles go to

6 Facts about Female Sex Drive | Psychology of Sex

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Watch more How to Understand Sex videos:

So, the thing you need to understand about the female sex drive is that, in general, it’s typically less than the male sex drive, because the principle driver of sexual libido or lustful feelings is testosterone. Women just naturally have less testosterone than men. That being said, if you’re in a new relationship, it’s called, like, the romantic cocktail, that adrenaline, that dopamine will shoot up anybody's drive; where you don’t even notice things like, not getting good sleep. So, just appreciate that for any given woman, her drive may be less than yours, but there will certainly be times during her cycle that she notices feeling more randy or horny, like around ovulation or some women, even when they get their period. Just noticing when your partner is feeling more responsive and turned on, helps you both think about how you can capitalize on those windows to increase the frequency of sex that feels really enjoyable to both of you. I think it’s also important to realize that, for women, there’s a range of their own appetite. We lean from, some that may feel, quite comparable to what we see in men, and to others on the other end of the distribution, where they barely think about sex. So, you have to realize that for your partner, sex isn’t on the brain, it isn’t on the radar. It doesn’t mean that it can’t get to that space, but it does mean that she does need some additional stimulation to sort of coax her, to get her to that place, what I call, open and receptive, because not all desire is born out of feeling it initially before a sexual experience starts. For some, it’s more, I’m open to where this is going to go and it’s actually your touch, and your caress that feels good, feels nice, and then lo and behold, she too is beginning to feel the desire and arousal to move it toward a more sexual experience. The important thing to realize is, even for any given woman, her love, love desire is likely to change over even the course of a month, and certainly over the course of her lifetime. So just try to get a sense of where her turn-ons are, and how do you both make the most opportunity of those windows where she’s open and receptive

New Female Sex Drive Slapped By FDA

A new drug from Sprout Pharmaceuticals aims to increase the sex drive of women everywhere!

Buy some awesomeness for yourself!

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Sex Drive Low? ♥ My Libido Boost Secrets

My secrets to boost sex drive {libido} ♥ ♥ ♥ This is for my ladies, chicas, queens, babygirls..

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