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There is a lot of pharmaceutical medicines and nutraceutical compounds that are designed to enhance the pleasure and performance of men. But little attention has been paid to enhancing the sensual pleasure of women.

Women are subjective to the same stresses, and many of the same physiological conditions that create sensual performance, and pleasure issues in men. But no one seems to be doing anything about it.

At VidaScience we notice this discrepancy and decided to do something about it by developing Vida Science Sensuality.

A fast acting female libido supplement with supporting vitamins designed to enhance sexual enjoyment, by enhancing sexual pleasure and response to stimulation. It contains GABA and Vitamin B3 which are believe to increase sensory sensual enhancement, by increasing dopamine levels, as well as Chuchuhuasi Bark, Suma Root and Maca, which are natural compounds used by the natives of Amazon basin, as an aphrodisiac.

The natural compounds in VidaScience Sensuality are believed to enhance sensual pleasure by increasing the body natural production of the nitrous oxide.

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