The vibrators and sex toys for her pleasure

Its no secret that a good bedroom toy is a girls best friend. But if youre a woman browsing the internet for a new self-pleasure device, the wealth of options these days could set your head spinning. And not in the cute, made-my-toes-curl and sent-me-to-another-planet kind of way.

Thats why weve scoured the options to find you the best of the best. Whether you want some light tickling, deep vibrations, or kinky new sensations, here are the best toys for all your pleasure needs.

The best sex toys for women

The Classics

The Hitachi Magic Wand is an old standby that many women still swear by. Its a simple massager that you can use all over and it delivers powerful vibrations. And the price cant be beat. You can snag one on Amazon for about 50 bucks. And if you want to jazz it up, Hitachi offers a variety of attachments.

Magic Wand Massager

Another old favorite is the Rabbit. You know, the one from that Sex and the City episode where Charlotte refuses to leave her apartment because she loves her new toy a little too much. That one. The Rabbit is a terrific toy if you want both clitoral stimulation and dynamic penetration. The original Rabbit Habit toy has a rabbit that stimulates your clitoris while tumbling beads create a motion in your ocean. And at just over $40 on Amazon, its a real bargain.

The Rabbit

If you feel like an update on an old classic, the Lelo Ina Wave reimagines the Rabbit’s style with higher-quality materials and a sleeker design. Its a bit of a splurge at $199, but Lelo frequently offers discounts, and users report that its well worth it.

Lelo The Intent

The Innovators

Its no secret that many women prefer external stimulation when trying to achieve an orgasm. If youre looking for a toy that will give your clitoris all of the attention, then Jimmy Janes Form 2 could be your dream come true. The Form 2 has two flexible ears that you can manipulate to squeeze, tickle, and surround the clitoris with a range of vibrations from soft and gentle to deep and intense. It retails for $149.

Form 2

One of the most exciting options on the market is the Womanizer. The wave of the future might just be the Womanizer, a toy with a rather unfortunate name that uses suction to create indirect clitoral stimulation. Users report intensely satisfying results and orgasms that are a new sensation. Most models will run you about $200, but the Womanizer Pro40 is currently available for $129 (down from $299), and the Womanizer2Go, an adorably discreet mini version that looks like a lipstick, is available for pre-order at $169.

Womanizer Pro40

Fun and Flirty

For all-over play, we love Je Joues Mimi. The versatile, intuitive shape allows you to stimulate the labia and clitoris at the same time, or apply pin-point precision wherever you want it. The Mimi Soft offers users a uniquely pleasing texture and, at $95, just a few bucks more than the regular Mimi ($89), it’s an upgrade you won’t regret.

Je Joue MIMI 5

For a cute vibe that travels well, the brightly colored WeVibe Tango cant be beat. Its lightweight, waterproof, and charges up quickly. We love the flat tip which offers users versatile stimulation. And at just $79, it wont break the bank.

We-Vibe Tango

Down and Dirty

If youre looking to explore, Lelos Billy is the perfect toy for vaginal or anal stimulation. Lelo markets the Billy ($139)for male prostate stimulation, but its actually a great toy for women and its vibrations are more intense than its female counterparts. The Billy is a comfortable just right size for beginners and experienced users alike, and offers a variety of pulse settings. Its vibrations progress from gentle foreplay to rapid-fire intensity and are sure to leave you satisfied.


And lets not forget, toys dont need to vibrate to offer exciting stimulation. The Njoy Pure Wand is perfect for deep penetration and a crowd favorite for G-spot stimulation. Its made of stainless steel, has a sleek and elegant design, and is sure to become a lifelong friend. You can get one for $110.

Njoy Pure Wand

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