26 thoughts on “TTWN | Vaginal Care 101: Odor, Sex & Sweat

  1. Did the same problem happen again. Is this why you are posting this video
    months later.

    1. +zdolphinblue013 LOL! From time to time it still does unfortunately.
      Hopefully they will see this video.

  2. great video and products, but for the ladies on a budget Walmart equate
    brands of these products are equally as good.

    1. +Quill L hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover natural remedies for vaginal
      bacteria try Jadonite Best BV Buddy (Have a quick look on google cant
      remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my
      friend got amazing results with it.

  3. Vagasil/condoms can throw your Ph off too! No douches and if you need to
    Only use plain water *this goes for after sex w/o protection as well. Try
    not to use perfumes, sprays, soaps with perfumes or powders down there, it
    may cause irritation/yeast infection /BV. Use a probiotic daily…drinks
    lots of water and diet to maintain a healthy vagina. Eating yogurt can help
    also. You are what you eat! Asparagus does give you a funky urine vagina
    smell lol even you urine turns green. Protect to “P!” All is well. 

    1. I was going to say the same thing, your hello kitty only needs water
      because it’s self cleaning. We’ve been trained to clean that part of your
      very wrong.

  4. I’ve used both summers eve and vagisil; and find that summers eve, by far,
    is the best for cleaning that area. Personal preference I guess ????

  5. I would definitely reccommend vagisil for after periods and summers eve for
    everyday use. Vagisil, from my experience, leaves a weird type of smell if
    used daily, but summers eve has a more pleasant and non medicated type of
    smell. TMI, but if you engage in oral sex, idk if vagisil is good to be
    smelling as.

    1. I started using summers eve when I switched birth controls. I went from
      barely having an odor to having a gross smelling one. I’ve been tested for
      stds and infections and everything came back negative. my doctors just said
      its most likely from using the summers eve. I found out alot of women have
      the same problem I had with it. so be careful. u think its helping right
      now but it’s only creating a problem. it says it’s ph Balanced which means
      around 7. the vagina ph should be around 3.8 and 4.5. (depending on the
      website u look at)

  6. Keeping wipes on you at all times is good too! And wearing panty liners for
    the discharge. 

  7. I just can’t get with the feminine washes. I wash with mild soap and water
    at least once daily, stay hydrated, stay active and eat lots of fruits and
    veggies. I’ve never had an odor problem, sexually active or not.

  8. This is interesting. My doctors and obgyn’s have ALWAYS said to stay away
    from feminine hygienic products. Especially scented ones. The only women j
    know to use these products regularly are strippers. No shade, but for
    obvious reasons. Especially the brands you’ve mentioned here. Most gynos
    recommend not using soap at all around your inner labia and the closer,
    moist/lubricated parts of the vagina. I prefer unscented sensitive skin
    dove soap, for the areas where my thighs and outer lips meet, and the areas
    that I don’t remove hair from. That’s where things get funky and moist bc
    my thighs sweat etc. I wouldn’t put these products anywhere near my girl
    parts, especially it being as sensitive as it is. But yes to going
    commando, drinking water, eating a balanced diet.

  9. Ingesting ACV daily helps w internal PH too (but isn’t so good for the
    enamel of your teeth, fyi)

  10. which one is better when u get a lot of bv and yeast infections . the ph
    balamce one or the oder block one?

  11. This is a good video and good info but the research I’ve done has said it
    is NOT good to use products that have a scent or anything like that bc it
    throws off your ph balance. I mean if it works for you go ahead I’m just
    saying. Not everyone’s vagina is the same.

  12. vaginal odor can also happen due to the food we eat (junk food) try
    drinking lots of water and eat lots of fruit and veggies. ???????? thank me

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