Vasofem reviews

Vasofem reviews – does Vasofem work and what are Vasofem side effects?

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That women suffer from female sexual dysfunction at some point in their life is not something new. Female sexual dysfunction is common; it is age related and progressive. Numerous developers are striving and seeking to find a successful treatment for this ailment, they envision a female Viagra of some sort.Vasofem reviews

Vasofem is a Viagra like supplement being developed to deal with the problem of female sexual dysfunction. The condition is quite distressing for women the world over. The product is still waiting approval. Vasofem does not increase libido, for some middle aged women a loss of libido may be simply natural or part of growing older. Vasofem does not produce desire; it simply helps to make the vulva and clitoris respond in the right way.

Phentolamine is the main ingredient of Vasofem. It causes blood vessels to expand thereby increasing blood flow. It should not be used as a medical aide by people who do not suffer sexual dysfunction. If it is not used properly permanent damage to the genitals may occur, this might be catastrophic to the extent of being sexually dysfunctional.

Phentolamine may also be used to reverse the effects of an anesthetic medicine in soft tissues such as the lips and tongue. It may be used to quickly restore normal sensation and function in patients who have received local dental anesthesia. Phentolamine can be used as an Alprostadil as an injection to treat erectile dysfunction.

The symptoms of female sexual dysfunction are a lack of interest in sex, poor lubrication, the inability to feel arousal or obtain orgasms. Painful intercourse can also be attested to female sexual dysfunction. Female dysfunction can be caused by hormonal, physical and psychological factors and affects both premenopausal and postmenopausal women. The main causes of female dysfunction are aging and changing hormone levels.

Vasofem causes increased blood flow to the genitalia, this causes arousal and ability to perform sexually. In males blood flowing into the penis creates erections and in women it causes swelling in the clitoris and vulva and initiates the creation of natural lubrication, making sex organs more sensitive.

Vasofem when taken orally, needs to be taken twenty minutes or so before sexual activity begins for optimal effectiveness. Phentolamine the active ingredient in Vasofem, then urges the brain to start blood flow surging to the genitals and creating the desired result.

Vasofem reviews – does Vasofem work and what are Vasofem side effects?

willie - venus vaginal cream 1

willie - venus vaginal cream 1

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