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How to Increase Female Libido Naturally: My Top Tips to get Your Self or Your Partner in the Mood

In order to increase female libido naturally – a few tips are worth keeping in mind. These involve appreciation, massage, tantra and lots more. If a woman does not have a physical condition which results in low female sex drive, then a few things which could help increase her libido are:

Self Love and Appreciation
Rest and Relaxation
An appreciate partner
Tantric exercises and sensual massage

Tantra is an incredible concept which ultimately unites mind, body and soul. By bringing our focus back to our body, our emotional state and our soul – we can begin exploring our self and sexuality.

Tantric massage can help a woman increase her libido and sex drive, by relaxing her mind and body, and providing incredible pleasure and eroticism – without any pressure to have sex. By taking your time and not having any goal or end result in mind, you can gently provide a woman with an incredible experience, which will open her up to receiving even more pleasure and satisfaction with you.

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First Female Viagra Pill Aimed at Improving Women’s Sex Drive

Now, women have their own Viagra called Addyi. The first drug meant to boost sexual desire in women.
US Food and Drug Administration has finally given a green signal to the pill, which they had twice rejected due to insignificant benefits and worrisome side effects. This approval marks a milestone, long sought by the pharmaceutical industry.
The drug has been developed by Sprout, a pharmaceutical company based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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