Sex Drive – Women with Higher Sex Drives Than Men

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Sex Drive - Women with Higher Sex Drives Than Men

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22 thoughts on “Sex Drive – Women with Higher Sex Drives Than Men

  1. Im a man with a high sex drive and im single, hit me up if ya llike me and things click hit me up.

  2. Sex drive tends to be high from teens to 30s, peaking in 40s and turns off like a light in the 50s lol.

  3. the double standards of women astound me. can you imagine the feminist outcry if a man made a video insulting women who didn’t want sex and suggesting anyone in a relationship with them “move on”?

    1. Women don’t have a sex drive, the principle driver is testosterone and you as men shouldn’t waste it on women, being the way they are. Feminism – grown women are sociopathic toward grown men, natural flaw, it really is.
      Estrogen works differently, we are both sexual genders but their build up and release is psychological, fake emotions, which is stupid, (you can’t call that drive) while the man’s is physical. Find 1 good partner and ignore the rest. Women are not your friends.

  4. lmao sometimes a guy just wants to go to sleep instead having sex. sheesh!

  5. Mine is insane to me I can go three times a day or more most of the time it sucks because I have yet to meet a woman who can handle me so to speak and I really hope I can find one.

  6. There is nothing wrong with a woman having a high sex drive. However, you really stoop low calling men with low sex drives or erection problems “losers.” You’re doing the exact same thing as the people bashing women with high sex drives are doing, you’re judging them as being weird or a freak.

  7. as am women am not comming sex feeling for my body while am doing sex with my hubby day or nite time for what I have to do….

  8. hahah yeah this is the video that the world needs!…comforting words for those women out there that have that crazy out of hand sex drive…i hope all three of them see this!

  9. Women with high sex drives are extremely rare, I’ve only meet one. Most women just want men’s money.

  10. lolll yess! I can’t get enough of it 😉 and honestly I think that yeah, if you’re not sexually compatible with someone, you should probably move on, male or female. c;

    1. Actually I’m kind of terrified, because if a woman’s sexual peak isn’t till around 30, I’m fucked xP

  11. MsSexInTheValley, how do you know you have a high sex drive? Compared to whom? Let’s not confuse your sex drought past relationships as you having a high sex drive. Analogy–being thirsty doesn’t mean you will drink water even though water quenches thirst better than any other beverages. Or being hungry enough to eat a buffet everyday.

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