52 Everyday Uses & Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

Even though you cannot take hydrogen peroxide orally to treat health conditions, it works great to treat minor wounds, ear infections, colds, sinus infections, toothaches, yeast infections, and more. Its uses for beauty and hygiene are extensive, and it’s a wonderful cleaning and disinfecting agent to use around the house, especially in the kitchen. Hydrogen peroxide is so amazing you can even use it to save a pet’s life in a tight spot. Do you know any exciting uses for hydrogen peroxide that we haven’t discussed? Share them with us in the comments below!

27 Amazing Benefits and Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

10 home remedies with hydrogen peroxide

The antibacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) make it a very useful tool to have in the kit ingredient. But the truth is that hydrogen peroxide has many uses.

The formula for hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, has a water than normal oxygen atom more. Usually comes in a dark container as it degrades rapidly when exposed to sunlight. In fact the product is sold in almost every pharmacy is 3% hydrogen peroxide and 97% water because its purest form can be dangerous if not used properly.

one Hydrogen peroxide for acne
Although not hear much of hydrogen peroxide as a home treatment for acne is actually a very effective remedy.

To apply it face first with a gentle cleanser washed well. After hydrogen peroxide is applied on pimples. It is not recommended to apply it all over your face as it can be irritating and drying.

two Hydrogen peroxide to heal wounds
Almost all kits hydrogen peroxide is because it is a popular remedy to disinfect wounds. After I performed a caesarean, which helped me to heal the wound was put hydrogen peroxide. What I did was soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and squeeze it over the wound.

However, lately there has been some controversy regarding this use because doctors at the Mayo Clinic and the famous Dr. Oz have said that hydrogen peroxide is not as effective for healing as intended and in fact rather it can damage healthy skin cells and delay the healing process.

three Hydrogen peroxide against athlete's foot and nail fungus
To make this remedy the affected foot gets into oxygenated water for several minutes. If the skin is broken, it burns a little. Should be repeated twice a day until the fungus completely dies. See also
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four Oxygenated water to relieve sore throat and prevent colds
Gargling of oxygenated water is a home remedy to relieve sore throat. A quarter cup of warm water and a quarter cup of peroxide is mixed and used as a gargle. It spits. These gargle also help prevent colds and flu as it kills the bacteria in the throat that could cause these diseases.

five Hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair
A very popular and economical way to lighten hair is getting oxygenated water. This trick is not recommended for very dark hair because when used in black hair, leaving a yellow / orange tone. Therefore it is recommended only in brown or light brown hair. To apply this trick, half cup water and ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bottle of spray is thrown and sprayed by the area of ​​hair to be clarified.

six Hydrogen peroxide to whiten clothes
When washing clothes white, you can take a cup of hydrogen peroxide in the washing machine. This trick is also effective for removing stains of blood and sweat shirts in the underarm area. Just before washing the garment is poured hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain of blood or sweat, is allowed to act and garment washed as usual.

seven Hydrogen peroxide to remove the cloth
Many women claim that hydrogen peroxide has helped to reduce the appearance of cloth. It is applied with a cotton ball on the affected parts and leave it for several hours. Rinsed and put moisturizer on the area. To maintain the results should be used preventive measures such as wearing sunscreen.

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eight Hydrogen peroxide for oral health
Hydrogen peroxide is a homemade mouthwash very common. The antiseptic properties help to kill bacteria that cause bad breath and is also believed that whitens teeth. Some people use it as a mouthwash undiluted but others think that is very strong and diluted in water. It should spit after rinsing.

Note that many experts do not recommend that hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash is used for a long time. Rather recommend that only temporarily use as a mouth injury heals.

nine Oxygenated water to wash the ears
Several doctors offices use a mixture of warm water with hydrogen peroxide to wash the earwax .

ten Hydrogen peroxide to disinfect at home
The antibacterial properties of oxygenated water make it an excellent natural disinfectant for use both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. It is cast in a spray bottle and sprayed on surfaces, then sprinkle with vinegar and let stand for a few minutes. Clean with a towel. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to clean glass and mirrors.