What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

A question I get asked all the time, how many tablets of canxida should I take per day to treat my candida yeast infection? Find out my answer in this video.

What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

A question I get asked all the time, how many tablets of canxida should I take per day to treat my candida yeast infection? Find out my answer in this video.

What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?
What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?
What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

28 thoughts on “What Dosage Of CanXida Remove Do You Recommend?

  1. Hi Dr. Eric
    When the new batch of Canxida (with 12 ingredients) will be available?

    1. +Mag Netor We are having some difficulties accessing one of the herbs at
      the moment, it is a complex product with many ingredients. I like my
      CanXida products to be perfect – or I don’t want them made at all. I’d say
      we will be able to roll the new CanXida Remove out in about a month.

  2. I Will Never put any other supplements in my mouth on the market than
    Canxida. Also I won’t ever recommend any other program than Eric Bakker,
    Candida Crush program. He actually saved my life. Thank you Eric, Me and my
    members in my FB group Candida Cleanse Sweden can’t say thank you
    enough.for all you’ve done for us <3

    1. I started only with Eric’s program for 5 months cos Canxida was out of
      stock at the time. Today I take 3×3 and will do so for about 3-4 or 5
      months, depend how I feel. I have a long way ahead cos I was very, VERY

      Today I feel fantastic, almost all my 45 symptoms, issues are gone and it
      feels that I have a life again for the first time in 25 years 🙂 But I have
      to say that you may not need 3×3 tablets per day for so long, it depends
      how You feel. When the Candida is all gone I will continue to buy Canxida
      Restore = Probiotic to always have in case of illness.

      And if you going abroad, you need to also take Remove again for a short
      period to cleanse new bacteria, parasites that comes along, cos you don’t
      wanna get back where you were once again, right? 🙂

      Take care!

    2. +Natalie Kerven 3×3 as in three tablets three times a day for a total of 9
      a day? that’s great that you’re healing so rapidly! i too was planning on
      doing 10 to 12 months of this in tandem with p90x for a total body
      transformation, inside and out. i don’t think i can afford 9 tablets a day
      though. this stuff is as expensive as buying gold. thanks for the reply.

    3. No, I take 3×3 tablets now and will do so for about 4-8 weeks, but I have
      Candida alla over my body, both inside out all of my skin.

      You can try 2×2 tablets or 2×3, but start with 1×1 a couple of days, an
      increase when you feel its ok or take 1×1 per day or 1 Remove and 1 or 2
      Restore per day with your new diet. Don’t forget, lifestyle… Your
      lifestyle is as important as the diet and supplements.

      I have a group on FB, Candida Cleanse Sweden, where I explain everything to
      everyone. I have done lots of PDF to my members, but sorry to say its all
      in Swedish. :/

      You can improve by takin one cure with the Candida-diet, but It may take
      longer time to fully recover, but its possible. You need to eat lots of
      cultured and fermented food, Kefir, Yoghurt, sour kraut, kimchi and so on
      (be careful about kombucha)

      Do you really need to buy Canxida?

      In my opinion, yes.. cos with candida overgrowth you often has many other
      parasites, bacteria who can be hard to get rid with only with the diet and
      changed lifestyle.

      Remove take both Candida, bacteria and other parasites. Restore is
      probiotic only with the best high quality ingredients that you could ever
      find on the market. This is The best good bugs you really need into your
      system. Trust me, I have searched 6-10 hours/day every day for 4 months.

      Hope this helped you a little bit 🙂

  3. My canxida has arrived thanks Dr. I’ve heard Dr Pimentel – American Sibo
    expert – talk about eating some carbs whilst on an anti fungal regime as
    you need the yeast and bacteria to be active? What’s your experience and
    advice on this point? I tend to be low carb but wonder if I should start
    some carbs alongside canxida – sweet pot carrots etc

    1. +Tom Gardiner I’ve never been an “anti-carb” with my Candida Crusher eating
      approach. You should try and eat carbs within reason, not so much for the
      yeast and bacteria “to be active”, but more so IMHO to encourage beneficial
      bacteria, especially the fermentation of carbs ( and consequent positive
      effect on the short chained fatty acids) in the large intestine,
      encouragement of beneficials in the small intestine. Eat sweet potato – if
      you tolerate it OK.

    2. +Candida Crusher I seem OK on grated sweet potato frittas, less good with
      mashed or wedges – for now. Any opinion on charcoal as an aid for detoxing
      or does it risk sweeping out the canxida remove/restore? Thanks again Doc,
      sage advice and much appreciated

  4. Hi Eric, hope you are fine.. How about this question 🙂 Some members in the
    group have got a small cough after a few days when we started taking
    Canxida. None of them is “sick” but gets a dry cough, mostly in the
    evenings. This started about a week after taking Canxida. Is there some
    kind of aggravation? Do we have some bacteria in our lungs that dies or can
    you somehow explain this symptom? Thanks, take care and have a great

  5. Hi Eric Bakker, I am seriously considering the Canxida, and my final
    concern is this: Why are the actual amounts of each herb NOT listed in on
    the Supplement Facts label? I can see it is a “blend” that is 1148mg. I
    know how to read labels and that the amounts coincide in order. Usually
    labels will sate how many mg of each herb in in the dose. I know I am
    getting standardized, powerful herbs, but I like to know exactly what I am
    taking. How much Garlic, Caprylic Acid, Undecylenic Acid, Betaine HCL,
    Grapefruit Seed Extract 45% , Black Walnut Hull Extract, Pau D’arco 4:1
    Extract, Neem 4:1 Extract, Berberine HCL, Clove, and Oregano oil is in each
    dose? I mean, that is a lot of stuff and its a great claim. I really like
    your videos and appreciate the knowledge, and experince you share as a
    practitioner, but am wondering why you chose to leave out what I beleive to
    be essential information for a supplement. Particularly when then price
    begins to get into the hundreds of dollars. I don’t mind shelling out a few
    hundred bucks for something that is effective, but I’d like to be able to
    ask the question: “How many milligrams of Betaine HCL specifically are in
    each dose?” I know you said you created this product, so I am hoping to
    hear you take on this. Thank YOU! :)

    1. +Dawn Solomon Hi Dawn, there is NO specific amount listed for each
      ingredient because it is a proprietary formula – only I know this
      information, and my manufacturer. This information is not essential at all.
      You can see what exactly is in the formula. It is up to you to decide if
      you want to use the CanXida range or not.

    2. +Candida Crusher – So what you are saying is that a proprietary formula is
      a form of legal protection for the patent of your formula? So when you say:
      …It is up to you to decide if you want to use the CanXida range or not…
      You are asking for my trust that I will benefit from the product without
      knowing this information. The manufacterer doesnt want anyone to rip off
      his recipie, (totally understandable) but the health-conscious consumer
      desires full-disclosure to know EXACTLY what they are putting into thier
      body. It is a fundamental conflict of interest that can only be solved by
      my being willing to take a risk, which requires trust or belief in the
      person providing the product. I have to be honest, I’m not fond of the idea
      of secrets in my body. And that is why the RELATIONSHIP, between the
      provider and consumer are important to me. After watching your videos, I’m
      willing to take the risk, Im going to go ahead and place an order, and will
      defiantly share the results with you. I might just order a Skype with you
      as well. BTW, I am purchasing specifically for SIBO. Thanks.

  6. Can canxida remove be taken for a prolonged period of time such as 6 months
    for example?

    1. +Health Reactor I take 1 tablet 3 times per day and I’ve experienced great
      results in my energy levels. Also you deserve a big THANK YOU from the
      bottom of my heart.

    2. +CrazyIvan1988 For 3 months but I continue taking canxida, cause still have
      psoriasis and some signs of candida.

    3. +CrazyIvan1988 Absolutely but last summer I did some enemas with baking
      soda and lemon plus some other enzymes I took. The thing is that, when
      became a vegan my psoriasis reduced by 50%. Dairy products are the worse
      for autoimmune conditions. Don’t waste your time on creams, just sit in the
      sun, eat healthy foods, chew them good and take doctor Bekker’s canxida
      supplements for months.

    1. +Natalie Kerven Hi Natalie, Good question. Resistance depends on MANY
      different factors! Here are just a few:

      How long CanXida is taken for (the duration)
      How many are taken (the dosage)
      How many you can take (the tolerance)
      Lifestyle factors as well as diet factors, what other supplements (or even
      drugs) are taken at the same time.

      Tolerance develops with any product the longer it is taken, but the
      intelligent approach for supplementation is the 2-4-2 dosage method. This
      method is smart and makes it much harder for Candida or parasites to become
      resistant, because the dose goes from low to high – or to the patient’s

      A. – If you are sensitive, start taking a mild dosage of CanXida Remove
      such as one tablet a day with any meal for three days. Then try to build up
      over a two-week period until you can take (up to) three tablets a day with
      B. – If you are average and not too sensitive, start with two or three
      tablets of CanXida Remove daily with separate meals. Take this dosage for
      two weeks, this represents the first “2” in the 2-4-2 method, it is the
      INDUCTION phase. After this two weeks, take up to 4 or 6 tablets a day for
      a duration of three to four weeks. This higher dosage represents the “4” in
      the 2-4-2 method, it is the TREATMENT phase. The Induction phase is always
      two weeks, but the Treatment Phase can range from 4 to 6 weeks or even
      longer in some cases, it all depends on the patient’s tolerance to CanXida
      Remove, but I generally never recommending any longer than 6 weeks (8 weeks
      for a stronger patient). After the Treatment Phase we begin with the last
      “2” in the 2-4-2 method, we begin the FINAL Phase. We now drop the dosage
      of CanXida Remove from the higher dosage (4 to 6 tablets daily) to the
      lower dosage we used with the Induction Phase – 3 tablets daily. A sensible
      approach is to slowly reduce the number of tablets until you take one
      tablet per day. At this point some patients wish to continue with one
      tablet daily with any meal for a further several months. This is a
      particularly good idea for those under long term low-grade stress, such as
      financial, family, professional/social stress, etc. Those who travel
      frequently, who are prone to Candida, SIBO, IBD and IBS, etc., will also
      benefit long term from CanXida Remove at the rate of one tablet daily after
      following the 2-4-2 method. The 2-4-2 method can be used several times
      annually, as long as there is a good break in between treatment cycles.

      I hope this was helpful Natalie

  7. Hello Eric my husband and I will give canxida a go . My question is I have
    a 12 yr old with autism that tested positive with candida albican at 5 yr
    with stool sample . He was treated with nilstatin and a biofilm dissolver
    tablet for 3 yrs. we were also put on body ecology diet since with kefir
    and cultured veg. His dr have ordered another stool sample test because
    they think it is back again. Even though we incorporate a coconut ketogenic
    diet for small amount of seizures. Which has been very effective. I did let
    him go crazy on fruit this summer past (Queensland ). He also wanted gluten
    free food ect like everyone at school so it is proably my fault. My
    question is when it comes back can I put him on canxida with us and how
    much should I give him. He can handle 5 tbspoons of coconut oil a day no
    problem. He is on oxytocin spray , compounded vitamins and promoter tablets
    that have glutathione , methionine ect 1 tablet 3x a week. Will thier be
    any interaction. I don’t mind diet but it was a long road with nilstatin .
    I would love to put him on canxida too. Thank you patricia

    1. I would recommend you start on one tablet a day of CanXida Remove, then
      after several days go to one tablet twice daily. Use CanXida Rebuild as
      well – two tablets a day, it contains a nifty 400mg anti microbial base as
      well as all the vitamins & minerals. Place him on a LACTATE-FREE probiotic
      please, these are the smartest probiotics to use with autism. Trust me, I
      have looked into this carefully – check it out.

  8. Sorry Eric I forgot to say my son has never been tested for parasites too.
    He has been gluten / dairy free and no sugar except xylitol since 5 yrs.
    thank you again patricia

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